Real-Time 30 Frames-per-Second (FPS) Recording at 4MP 2K Resolution

 Our camera records real-time at 30FPS in 4MP resolution. What does that mean? It means that when an object is moving at normal speeds the camera is recording at real time so it won’t be blurry. Compare that to the competition’s 4MP 2K and 8MP 4K cameras. For most of the competition’s 4MP cameras they only record at 20FPS

Color Night Optics

Our camera has the best night vision on the market with our innovative Color Night Optics feature that continues to give you full-color video in low-light conditions. The low-light conditions piece is critical, as there is no such thing as night vision that is color, don’t be fooled by other marketing materials. Our Color Night Optics only needs .08 lux(measurement of light) without IR to produce a color image, our competition needs .38 lux without IR to produce that same color image, almost 5x as much light. In complete dark situations, the infrared lights will automatically switch on and give you up to 130ft of black and white night vision range with ambient lighting and 100ft in complete darkness.

Industry Leading H.265 Video Compression for Less Storage and Bandwidth

Our cameras utilize the latest H.265 video compression technology. Compression is what helps minimize the storage needed to store your video and also reduces the bandwidth needed to send video through the network and to your mobile device. With H.265 compression, you can save up to 50% of storage compared to traditional H.264 compression. Or you can save up to 2x as much video when compared to H.264 with the same amount of storage used. Additionally, it increases the speed at which video transmits through the network and to your mobile device as they are smaller files.

MTB4104 security camera_optimized
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