Fisheye cameras are designed to see in a 360° field of view at all times. Using a uniquely curved lens, it is able to view and record detailed imagery of entire rooms or areas with just one camera. Montavue NVRs and the Montavue GO app have special technology to de-warp the image so that you can view all angles in a flat image with detail, ensuring you get the best quality images.

180° Panoramic

Our Panoramic cameras have a 180° field of view giving you enough peripheral views to cover an entire side of a building or property. Equipped with full color night optics, two-way audio, warm lights, IR LED nightvision, our most advanced AI, EPTZ, and so much more, these cameras are ideal for outdoor or indoor use when you need to cover a lot of ground effectively.

Multi-Screen Viewing

Montavue NVRs and the Montavue GO app have the ability to de-warp the panoramic or fisheye image. This gives you multiple viewing options to see all the angles that your camera is capturing in higher detail. This is available to view during live recording or during playback of previously recorded footage.


EPTZ refers to "electronic" pan, tilt, and zoom. Essentially, it's the ability for your Panoramic 180° cameras to track and follow humans or vehicles that activate the motion trigger, this keeps them in a separate and more detailed display while still recording the entire 180° view. The EPTZ feature is capable of following up to 3 seperate entities simultaneously in 3 different small display windows.

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