Facial Recognition

Montavue AI technology has the ability to scan a subject and determine specific attributes associated with them. This ranges from Gender, Age, Expression, Clothing, Carried Items, and more! These are all recognized and categorized into the system, which allows the user to search the database based on these attributes.

People Counting

AI enabled cameras can keep track of subjects moving in and out of the location as well as real-time population density of subjects within the camera's view. The Heat Map feature will also allow you to pinpoint locations most frequented by subjects, allowing you to see where your 'hot' and 'cold' areas are within the location.


Automatic Numbered Plate Reading is the ability for specific AI enabled cameras to be able to read and log License plate numbers. Identifying plates in night or day conditions along with vehicle color, make, and vehicle size can greatly assist identifying subjects that make their way into the camera's view.

Smart Search

With AI Analytics, you don't have to go through hours of video just to find what you're looking for. Smart Search narrows it down to find precisely the subjects you want to see. Simply choose the search parameters from clothing type, color, age, gender, etc. The search engine will find all footage containing subjects that fit the search description and you can save valuable time.

Self Scene Adaptaion (SSA)

AI powered Self Scene Adapation or SSA refers to the ability of the camera to change it's video settings based on the environment. This means that our AI cameras will adjust their capture settings to always give you the clearest picture. Any weather changes, adjustments in daylight, headlight glare, or even infrared detection will set the camera to adjust accordingly to always produce the best quality video and images.