MTT8106 | 8MP 4K Turret Security Camera with Active Deterrence and SMD 4.0

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4K Resolution

4K resolution (3840 x 2160) gives you wide screen high definition images for recordings and for live display via NVR or Home Computer. High quality 4K recordings ensure you capture identifying features and events in the best quality possible. The MTT8106 captures 4K at 30 frames per second with a 106° Field of View, this produces hyper-smooth video and still images at a frame rate that will provide the clearest image during any point in recording and allow you to view a large area with a wide FOV.

Active Deterrence

Active deterrence consists of lights and sirens that are activated when the MTT8106 detects motion, particularly humans and vehicles. The lights and siren are completely customizable and optional, meaning you can have just lights, just sirens, or none. Customize their schedule to be active during certain parts of the day, specific days of the week, or keep it active 24/7. Active deterrence sends notifications to the user via the Montavue GO app and is extremely effective at deterring unwanted visitors. To learn more about active deterrence click here.

Two-Way Audio

Equipped with a built-in mic and speaker, the MTT8106 allows for two-way communication via the Montavue GO app. Instantly communicate live with subjects near the camera using your smartphone or computer. High quality microphones make sure you can hear ever word and the built-in speaker is loud and effective enough for your voice to be audible from a far distance. To learn more about two-way audio click here.

Dual Illumination & IR Nightvision

The MTT8106 is equipped with a warm light that is capable of activating alongside the active deterrence or used independently. This warm light casts a strong beam over a large area which allows for a more accurate color night video for events. Activated when humans or vehicles are present, dual illumination can drastically improve the quality of video you capture for human and vehicle events leading to more effective subject identification. When it's just too dark, the MTT8106 has 120 ft of IR LED nightvision, this light is invisible to humans but gives the user a clear view through the darkness. For more on night vision options click here.


A.I. and Smart Motion Detect 4.0

The AI programmed into the MTT8106 can do a multitude of tasks. AI SSA or self-scene adaptation allows the AI to scan the environment and change the video settings according to the light levels, this gives you the most accurate and high quality image possible at all times. Montavue's latest Smart Motion Detect 4.0 detects humans and vehicles to provide more accurate notifications than ever before. MTT8106's advanced AI can perform tasks like quick pick which is an AI Smart search that works in tandem with your NVR, this allows the user to input attributes like clothing type/color, facial hair, gender, etc. The system then scans all of the recorded footage and comes up with all of the video files containing subjects with those attributes.


IP67 Weatherproof

The MTT8106 is equipped with a protective aluminum metal body and has an ingress protection rating of 67. This means that the camera can be partially submerged in water for up to 15 minutes before any damage will occur. We don't recommend dunking these cameras in any body of water but they will surely last throughout any inclement weather events regardless of climate. Operating temperatures range from -40°F to 140°F, combined with the IP67 rating, these cameras can operate in nearly any environment. For more on IP ratings click here.

Color Night Optics

The MTT8106 is equipped with advanced color night optics, this means that more light can enter the lens which will produce a color image in darker environments. This can help with accurate identification and of course give you the greatest amount of visibility at night. The MTT8106 also has 100ft of IR LED nightvision making even the darkest environments visible. The camera will automatically switch in and out of IR nightvision when dual illumination activates or when the sensor determines there's enough light for color night optics.

SMD 4.0

SMD 4.0 is the latest generation of smart motion detect ability from Montavue. With a 99% accuracy rate and further recognition distance than ever before, SMD 4.0 is sure to impress with its performance. Built directly into the MTT8106 camera, this uses onboard AI to perform recognition abilities to save your NVRs processing power and AI functionality for other channels that may have better use of it.

What's Included

  • MTT8106-AISMD-DI-AD-S4 Camera
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection

Specifications for MTT8106-AISMD-DI-AD-S4

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Customer Reviews

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Fast shipping, great product, thank you A+++

Sam Carn
Love the Cop Lights

The red/blue lights are great for scaring away people, our old active deterrence just had the white lights but these are much more apparent.

Love My Montavue Surveillance System with AI Detection

Montavue's surveillance system with AI detection has significantly reduced the number of false alarms I receive from my security setup. The AI accurately distinguishes between human activity and irrelevant motion like animals or branches moving. Setup was a bit complex, but once up and running, it's been a smooth experience.