Active Deterrence Lights

Active Deterrence lights engage when your camera detects human or vehicle movement in a defined area. The lights themselves are fully customizable. You can choose the blink speed, steady lights, or no lights at all, you can even choose the length of time the lights are active when triggered. Typically they are red and blue, however, some models have a flashing white light available.


When triggered, the siren eminates a loud burst of noise that is effective against intruders. The siren comes with a default audio but you can also choose from a host of built-in verbal audio warnings, you can easily create your own custom siren audio too. If the siren effect is too much, you can deactivate the feature at any time.

Two-Way Audio

All active deterrence cameras are equipped with two-way audio. Two-way audio gives you the ability to communicate with subjects on camera with a crystal clear audio mic and powerful speaker. This is designed to be used with the Montavue GO app on your mobile device and can be accessed instantly from remote locations.

Manual Activation

From the Montavue Go app you have the ability to activate the siren and/or lights manually with a click of a button. This can be done from any remote location and can be turned off just as easily. Each active deterrence trigger is capable of sending a notification to your phone, which allows you to manually operate any function of the active deterrence features from that point.

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