MontavueGo Mobile app for computer, cell phone, and tablets


Notifications can be configured to be sent to your smartphone or tablet via the internet. Notifications can include Human/Vehicle activity, System offline alerts, Camera Vandalism Warning, and more!



Export your footage directly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a few clicks. Review your footage and select which section gets made into a video clip or pause your video and take a screenshot to save a still image. You can then easily send your files through email or text from your device.

Review footage from your systems hard drive remotely from anywhere


Access all of your recorded footage on your NVR from the Montavue GO 2.0 app. Play up to four videos simultaneously on the mobile or up to 16 on PC or Mac.

Two-Way Audio

Use your microphone and speaker on your mobile or tablet to communicate with the subject near your camera. You can also activate alarms and sirens on your active deterrence cameras to warn any unwanted visitors away

Use your phone to communicate remotely with people near the camera