Smart Tracking

Auto-Tracking is designed to target humans and vehicles specifically to lock on and follow. AI technology in the PTZ camera identifies the subject as vehicle or human and will then follow them for a designated amount of time or until they leave the view of the camera.

Fast and Accurate

Auto-tracking is quick enough to keep up with a speeding car and accurate enough to pinpoint a human in full sprint. The deep learning AI algorithm predicts movement of vehicles and humans in order to be one step ahead during tracking. This means when subjects go behind trees or other vehicles the Auto-tracking will still be able to pursue them. 

Active Deterrence Compatible

Montavue offers PTZ camera models that are capable of deploying active deterrence measures when Auto-tracking is triggered. This helps with deterring the subject and getting the best identification images from your recordings. Dual illumination lights, red/blue warning lights, a siren, and auto-tracking is a surefire way to protect your property.

Shop Montavue Auto-Tracking Cameras

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MTZ8250-X | 8MP 4K Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera w/ 25x Zoom & 492ft IR Night Vision

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MTZ4250 | 4MP 2K Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera with 25x Zoom and SMD 3.0

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MTZ4250-AD | 4MP 2K Auto-Tracking Active Deterrence PTZ Camera with 25x Zoom