No Subscription Fee

Cloud based storage is expensive and vulnerable to outside forces. Montavue provides secure local storage options so you don't have to rely on the cloud or an internet connection to save or access your files, saving you money and convenience.

Local Storage

Reliable and Secure Storage kept in your hands. Montavue stores all of your files locally on your hard drive which means only you have ownership and access to your files at all times.



Backup Storage

NVRs aren't invincible. Without cloud storage, it's tough not to think an intruder might steal or obliterate your NVR to destroy footage. SD Card backup has you covered, every Montavue camera can be equipped with a micro SD card ensuring you maintain your recorded footage should the worst happen to your NVR's hard drive.

Free Remote Access

With Remote access via Montavue GO, you can view all of the files stored on your NVR, right on your mobile device, at no extra cost. *An internet connection is required for this function to operate.