Fixed-Angle Cameras

The standard for security cameras. Fixed-angle cameras can be positioned manually and then typically do not move once placed. These have a wide field of view in order to capture the most from the peripherals but are still able to see at a great distance with clarity. Fixed angle cameras typically come in Bullet, Turret, or Dome style and have features like built-in microphones, IR LED lights, Warm Lights, and some models have Active Deterrence and Two-way audio.

PTZ Cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

PTZ Cameras have the ability to rotate and zoom. Typically, they will have 360° Rotation, 90° Tilt, and up to 25x zoom. They can be controlled remotely using the NVR or Montavue GO app. This gives the ultimate control over your camera's operations and the maximum ability to identify all types of targets. Some models also have Auto-Tracking, which is the ability to lock onto and follow a human or vehicle target for a specified amount of time.

Panoramic & Fisheye Cameras

Panoramic and Fisheye cameras specialize in seeing everything at once. Using an ultra wide lens, these cameras combine multiple angles into one complete image. This allows the user to see everything at once so that no event goes unrecorded.

Specialty Cameras

Sometimes you need a particular camera for certain jobs. Montavue provides specialty cameras for every use. We have doorbell, wifi, floodlight, dual lens, and license plate reading cameras. These can all be easily integrated into Montavue NVRs or can be used as independent devices.

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