The Role of Active Deterrence Cameras in Creating an Effective Surveillance Plan

What is an Active Deterrence Security Camera?

Active Deterrence security cameras are a relatively new style of security camera which are designed for active surveillance. Most security cameras are essentially passive, recording from the sidelines. While this is perfectly fine for many applications, some surveillance situations demand a more proactive response from security cameras. Active Deterrence security cameras come with a distinct feature set that allows them to do more than just record. Active Deterrence security cameras are designed to intimidate and scare away intruders, which they do quite effectively!

What features do Active Deterrence Security Cameras have?

  • Lights

One of the core functions of an Active Deterrence camera is its light. There are various types of lights equipped on these cameras, but the main function is to make an intruder aware, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are unwelcome and on camera. These lights have long ranges to ensure their visibility and effectively illuminate an area. These lights come in various color options, for instance, our MTT8106-AISMDAD has a red/blue ‘cop light’ whereas our MTT8108-AISMDAD has a white light.

  • Siren

The second core component of the deterrent aspect of Active Deterrent cameras is their siren. These cameras will typically be equipped with loudspeakers to achieve this effect, and are able to grab someone’s attention to reinforce the idea they are unwelcome. Our Active Deterrent cameras come equipped with several different siren options, but if you are looking for something different you can also customize yours by using your own audio file.

  • 2-Way Audio

The speaker on Active Deterrence cameras pairs well with the included microphone to offer 2-way audio. Combining this with the MontavueGO mobile application allows the camera owner to speak to persons near the camera as well as hear them establish two-way communication. This can be greatly useful in further deterring trespassers, as well as to talk with people you do want on your property - for example, to let a guest know that the side gate is unlocked.

  • AI Tripwires/SMD

The Active Deterrence feature on these cameras is only possible with their highly sophisticated A.I. systems. Equipped with dedicated AI chipsets, our Active Detterent cameras employ the latest computer vision algorithms to identify objects and people. This allows the user to define if they want their camera to trigger on humans, vehicles, or both. This means the camera will only be triggered by relevant intrusions, not on birds or the wind blowing leaves on a tree. The user/property owner is also able to use sophisticated configuration options such as virtual tripwires to demarcate the area they want to be protected by their active deterrent camera(s). Read more on the Smart Motion Detection algorithms onboard our cameras on our blog.

The AI features mentioned above are further enhanced with custom schedule options, allowing users to schedule when they’d like these features to be enabled. This enables configuring it so your property is protected by active deterrence features when you need it to be, but won’t get in your way when you don’t.

  • Full-Color Night Vision

Most security cameras will be equipped with IR illuminators for night vision, however, most of our Active Deterrence cameras will have full-color night vision. Full-Color Night Vision makes a huge difference in nighttime performance, check out what that looks like in our video for the MTT8106-AISMDAD.

Should all my cameras be Active Deterrence cameras?

Similar to other advanced camera types like PTZ or panoramic/fisheye cameras, Active Deterrence cameras fit a unique role within a security plan. They can be used strategically to greatly improve a system, and you’ll find sometimes you want other types of cameras in some locations. That being said, most Active Deterrent cameras are of a conventional form factor, so there’s no downside to using them since you can always turn the deterrent features off.

What are the most effective locations to install an Active Deterrence camera?

Active Deterrent cameras are best utilized to cover entry points and property lines. They can be a great first line of defense when placed in the initial areas an intruder would have to cross to get to your home or business. This gives a perpetrator an early opportunity to leave, before committing to a break-in - thus fulfilling the goal of deterrence. We’ve seen people find great success mounting them to cover their lawns and driveway. Another excellent way to utilize deterrent cameras is in entryways and side yards. If a perpetrator has gotten this close to entering your home, then the sheer inundation from the loud volume and bright light will catch them off guard and will disorient them. This confusion and sensory assault is likely to dissuade them from further aggression, especially since they know the homeowner and neighbors will be quick to respond.

What Active Deterrence Cameras Does Montavue Offer?


When it comes to Active Deterrent cameras, it’s hard to beat the MTT8106. With an 8MP 1/2.8" CMOS sensor, this camera delivers crisp 4k footage day and night. Featuring all the deterrence features mentioned above, the MTT8106 is fully equipped to protect your property. The warning lights on this camera are of the red/blue variety and thus are very apparent when going off. This camera is equipped with SMD (Smart Motion Detect 4.0), and is capable of recording at 30fps (20 with SMD on). If you’re looking for a certain look, this camera is available in black and white variants. When looking for an active deterrence camera in a turret form factor, this is an excellent choice. Read more about this camera in our dedicated blog and check out the product page here.


The MTT8108-AISMD is a staple active deterrence camera. This camera is similar to the MTT8106, with the main difference being that the deterrent lights on the camera are white instead of red/blue. Check out the product page here.


Yes, the name is a mouthful, we’ve dubbed it the ‘Terminator’ camera. This is a fully-fledged auto-tracking PTZ camera with active deterrence features. The lights on this camera are red/blue cop lights, and the siren is very loud. This camera is a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera which means it has full freedom of rotation and is controllable through the NVR, a computer, and even the mobile app. It also has auto-tracking, which means that it is able to follow as well as focus on a target. With the active deterrence features this really is a beast when protecting a large area. Watch a video on this camera on our youtube channel, and be sure to check out the product page for the ‘Terminator’ camera to learn more.


  • MTB180/MTT180

These 180° cameras are not your average Active Deterrence camera, but they do have the core features mentioned earlier. Available in both turret and bullet varieties, these are excellent cameras for surveilling an area with a wide FoV. Check out more about these panoramic cameras on our blog. You can also check out the product listings for the bullet and turret variants to learn more.


The Future of Active Deterrence

We view active deterrence cameras as an important piece of the puzzle of home and business surveillance. View the full lineup of current Active Deterrence cameras here. We are always looking to add new active deterrent cameras to our lineup, be sure to sign up for our newsletter on our website to find out when we release new products!