Unfortunately as most of us know crime has increased significantly over the last few years making security camera systems an essential part of any home or business. Did you know that break- in occurs every 26 seconds in the US? This adds up to 2.5 million break ins every year. With stats like that having a security system for both your home and business have become more important then ever. The Montavue MTT8106-AISMD-DI-AD-S4 (Active Deterrence Camera) is the state of the art security camera that is designed to provide superior protection for your home or business. This camera is packed with advanced features that make it one of the most effective security cameras on the market today.



One of the key features of the Montavue MTT8106-AISMD-DI-AD-S4 is its active deterrence technology. This technology allows the camera to detect potential intruders and respond with an audible warning and red/blue strobe light. This can be an effective way to deter would-be criminals before they even attempt to break in. The camera is also equipped with two-way audio that allows you to speak through the camera utilizing the Montavue go app on your smart device. With this feature, you can communicate with people who are approaching your property and potentially scare off any unwanted visitors. 



Field of view

The MTT8106 is a high-definition IP security camera (8MP) that provides clear and detailed footage. The camera has a wide-angle lens (106° FOV) that allows it to capture a wide area, making it ideal for monitoring large spaces like yards or parking lots. The camera also has full color night vision capabilities allowing it to capture clear footage even in low light conditions. The field of view (FOV) of a security cameras refers to the area of the scene that the camera can capture and record. It is the extent of the observable scene that is within the camera's range of view. The field of view is an important consideration when setting up security cameras because it determines how much of the area you want to monitor can be covered by the camera. A wide field of view is useful for covering large areas such as parking lots, while a narrow field of view is better for focusing on a specific area, such as a doors, entrances or driveways.


The MTT8106 comes with our newest:

SMD 4.0

Another great feature with , the Montavue MTT8106 also comes with SMD 4.0 (Smart Motion Detection 4.0). This feature is an upgrade to the previous SMD 3.0 technology and provides even more accurate detection capabilities. With SMD 4.0, false detections from animals are significantly reduced. Small animals such as dogs and cats have a lower than 0.5% false detection rate, while larger animals such as deer, horse, and cattle have a much lower than 2% false detection rate. This feature is a great add-on to any security system and gives users the most accurate notifications.
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In addition to the impressive Smart Dual Illumination technology, the Montavue MTT8106 is also equipped with AI SSA (Artificial Intelligence Scene Self-adaption) technology. This feature allows the camera to learn and adapt to its environment using machine learning algorithms. It can analyze data from cameras and other sensors, and it can continuously improve its accuracy and performance over time. This makes it an excellent tool for commercial and residential settings that need to monitor and protect large areas or complex environments. The AI SSA technology also reduces false alarms and helps identify real threats in real-time.
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Smart Dual Illumination

The camera's Smart Dual Illumination technology adopts a smart algorithm to accurately detect targets. The IR illuminator is normally on at night. When the target is detected by the camera, the warm light turns on, and the camera records the full-color video and information of key events. When the target is out of the monitored area, the warm light turns off, and the IR illuminator turns back on, which helps reduce light pollution in the area. In addition to being able to do the smart dual illumination with the warm lights that function at a impressive .004 lux making this camera's warm lights bright enough to record in full color. This is especially useful for dark lite areas of your home or business that you may have a lot of foot traffic that you would like to just capture in full color.

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Real Time 30FPS- Real time 30fps refers to the video that is captured and displayed at 30 frames per second (fps). That 30 still images are displayed every second creating the illusion of motion. 30fps is a common frame rate for video games, live-action video, television, and most Montavue cameras. It is considered real-time because it is occurring at the same pace as real life and the video can be watched without any lag. This does require a compatible NVR Any of our Pro series NVR here are those Models: 



Another great thing about the MTT8106 is its durability. The camera Is IP67 rated which means the camera is weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F, making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors uses. However we do like to remind our customers here at Montavue that all the cameras are weather resistant make sure you protect your cables. Here at Montavue we provide options for junction boxes for our cameras to help protect the cables from the elements or just to help with installs on uneven surfaces.


Overall, the Montavue MTT8106 Active Deterrence camera is a powerful and advanced security solution that offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind to both homeowners and businesses. With its active deterrence technology, high resolution, two-way audio, and advanced features such as Smart Motion Detection, AI SSA, and Smart Dual Illumination, the MTT8106 provides an outstanding level of security. Additionally, the camera's durability and weather resistance make it a reliable and long-lasting option for those looking to secure their properties. With over 2.5 million break-ins happening every year in the US, the Montavue MTT8106 is an essential tool for anyone looking to protect their home or business from potential threats.


Here is a quick link to our YouTube page with a video about our MTT8106 active deterrent camera: