SMD Camera

Why Motion Detection isn't always reliable

Motion Detection is a very helpful feature for security cameras as it can be configured to trigger an alert or notification on your phone, and the cameras can be set to only record on motion detection which can free up a lot of unnecessary footage on your camera's MicroSD card or your NVRs hard drive. However, motion detection has a major downside: false motion alerts. 

There are various factors that can cause security cameras to trigger false motion alerts. Some examples include lighting changes, insects, animals, leaves, rain, and even objects moving in the wind. This is because it's only programmed to recognize changes in the pixels of the image, there is no way for it to tell a difference between objects and movement.

Cameras with Motion Detection have the option to adjust the sensitivity and threshold in the settings to help reduce false alerts and can also be installed in a way that specifically avoids some of these issues. However, in this day and age, people need a better solution. Random notifications when bugs fly across the screen and suspicious raccoons are the least of most peoples concern when it comes to security.


This is where SMD+, or Smart Motion Detection Plus, resolves those annoying issues. Using deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, SMD is able to recognize movement from Humans and Vehicles and filter out all other types of movement with a detection accuracy of 98%. Small animals (ex: dogs, cats) have a >2% false detection rate, and larger animals (ex: deer, horse, cattle) have a >10% false detection rate. The maximum detection distance for SMD+ is 20ft for Humans and 30ft for Vehicles.

SMD 3.0

Just like anything else, there is always room for improvement with this technology. The new and improved SMD 3.0 takes a massive step forward, with higher detection accuracy of 99% Small animals (ex: dogs, cats) have a better >1% false detection rate, and larger animals (ex: deer, horse, cattle) now have an improved >5% false detection rate. Additionally, an impressive 40ft max detection distance for Humans and 60ft max detection distance for Vehicles, this doubles the detection distance of SMD+!

SMD 4.0

SMD 4.0 smooths out the wrinkles of SMD 3.0 by further decreasing the false detections from animals. Small animals (ex: dogs, cats) have a lower >0.5% false detection rate, and larger animals (ex: deer, horse, cattle) now have a much lower >2% false detection rate.

SMD Comparison

Smart Motion Detection Plus (SMD+) is a new technology that uses AI to accurately recognize movement from humans and vehicles while reducing false alerts. Its successors SMD 3.0 and SMD 4.0 improved on this by increasing detection accuracy and reducing false alarms even more. This technology is a game-changer for the future of motion detection and an absolute must-have in the field of security.