The Benefits of Remote Monitoring with Security Cameras

What is Remote Monitoring for Security Cameras?

Security systems have come a long way in recent years. Not too long ago, security systems were relegated to isolated monitoring rooms, requiring a dedicated attendant to monitor live footage and manually record events. Nowadays many security systems are offering remote viewing capabilities, and it’s useful to know the benefits. The uses of security systems themselves are well known. Whether it be for a business or residential purpose, being able to record and save events has immeasurable benefits when it comes to pursuing legal charges or simply recounting events. Viewing footage remotely adds to the capabilities of standard security systems, and today we’ll review those benefits.


1.  Monitoring Your Property on the Go

Being able to access cameras from anywhere lets you get more from your security cameras. Whether you’re on vacation and keeping tabs on your property, or you’re at work and a neighbor mentions they saw something odd - you can instantly see what's going on with the click of a button. One frequent use of remote monitoring we see is keeping tabs on a large property. When combined with a PTZ camera with a high-powered varifocal lens, remote viewing allows you to check in on far-away parts of a farm or ranch, for example. This can make your life much easier, even if it just means viewing the far reaches of your property from the comfort of your couch. 


With convenient features such as exporting footage right from the app, it is easy to share videos whether they be interesting clips to share with your friends or footage of a break-in to send to law enforcement.


2. Increased Security and Safety

Not everyone has the budget to hire a dedicated team to continuously monitor their property, particularly when it comes to residential or small businesses. Fortunately, a dedicated team is no longer required to continuously monitor your property. With a modern security system capable of remote access, such as those offered by Montavue, one can access their security system anywhere they have internet. 


In conjunction with smart notifications which use advanced AI features such as SMD, the user can get push notifications when an intruder is detected. They can then open up the app and continue to monitor their property, taking the appropriate actions based on the real-time data they are witnessing. With Active Deterrence cameras, the user can even speak into their phone and have the audio play directly through their cameras, further deterring intruders or alerting them that they are not welcome and are on camera.


3. All your cameras, in one place

Another great benefit of the mobile and desktop applications for many security systems, such as MontavueGO, is the ability to add multiple NVRs to one device. This allows the user to monitor multiple systems in one place, even viewing feeds from various NVRs as if they were on the same system. This can be used to integrate multiple systems into one surveillance hub, which can save time and money. This is a handy feature for operators of multiple stores, such as chains of gas stations or restaurants. Another popular use is for office or industrial complexes which often have several disjointed buildings. Remote viewing allows these organizations to consolidate security operations without requiring physical links between the camera systems themselves.


4. Advanced Configuration Options

Many Network Video Recorders, including Montavue’s, have the capability to add sub-accounts. These sub-accounts can have varying permission levels, including the ability to restrict access to certain cameras or functions. NVR administrators can create accounts for certain employees or managers, who can then log in with their credentials on their mobile devices. They can be given permission only to cameras relevant to their job requirements, as well as only during certain hours of the day (such as during their shift.) With these configuration options, you can empower your employees with access to your surveillance system, without worrying they have undue permissions. Check out our guide on configuring sub-accounts to learn more.


5. Crime Deterrence

Most criminals and trespassers will give a second thought before trespassing somewhere they know they are actively being surveilled. When the threat of recording is solely after the fact, such as with older security systems, a criminal is more likely to defer the risk and assume they will be able to get away before anyone notices. When remote access is in play, the criminal may not know when they've been detected and if police are already on their way. These factors can disincentive trespassing in locations installed with remote access security systems.


If a criminal disregards this altogether, a property owner with a remote access security camera is in a much better position when it comes to receiving a timely response from LEO. By being able to detect trespassing and respond while it’s still occurring, law enforcement will be much more likely to catch the criminal in the act. Saving time and helping guarantee an appropriate response.



In summary, remote monitoring with security cameras offers a range of benefits, including increased safety and security, peace of mind, and improved operational efficiency. By leveraging advanced technology, individuals and businesses can remotely monitor their premises and assets from anywhere at any time, enabling proactive intervention and timely response in case of any security breaches or incidents. If you're interested in learning more about how our company can help you leverage the power of remote monitoring with security cameras, we encourage you to explore our products and services further. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team for more information.