As security cameras are becoming a more important part of keeping your home or business safe. So are our advancements in technology to help provide the best security to protect you and the things that mean the most to you. One of those advancements is our latest MTB180 Full Color 180° field of view 4K camera. That's right you read that correct this 180 degrees. This camera offers a number of benefits over traditional security cameras.


The first benefit of the Montavue MTB180 is the 180 degree field of view that allows for the camera to provide a much wider field of view vs traditional security cameras. This means you can cover a much larger area with just one camera, which can help save you money from having to buy multiple cameras and paying for all those pesky installation costs. Additionally the wide field of view also means that you can see more details in the image making it easier to identify suspects or other important information.

Full Color

Another benefit to the Montavue MTB180 is the camera's ability to capture events in Full Color. This is a significant improvement over traditional cameras and their Black and White IR mode, With Full Color mode, you can more easily identify key details such as clothing color, the make and model of a vehicle, or other identifying features that may be important for investigations or evidence. This makes the Montavue MTB180 an excellent choice for both home and business security applications, where capturing accurate and detailed footage can be critical for maintaining safety and security. Additionally, the Full Color mode is a great feature for general monitoring purposes as well. When used in conjunction with the camera's wide 180 degree field of view, Full Color mode allows you to capture stunning, immersive footage of your home or business with an unparalleled level of detail and color accuracy.                  

180­° Field of View

The 180 degree field of view also helps to reduce blind spots. This is important because traditional cameras can only capture a limited field of view, which means that there are areas of your property that are not being monitored. With a 180 degree field of view camera, you can ensure that your entire property is being monitored, giving you peace of mind that no suspicious activity is going unnoticed. The field of view (FOV) of a security cameras refers to the area of the scene that the camera can capture and record. It is the extent of the observable scene that is within the camera's range of view. The field of view is an important consideration when setting up security cameras because it determines how much of the area you want to monitor can be covered by the camera. A wide field of view is useful for covering large areas such as parking lots, while a narrow field of view is better for focusing on a specific area, such as a doors, entrances or driveways.                  


Another great feature with the Montavue MTB180 is the SMD 4.0. SMD 4.0 smooths out the wrinkles of SMD 3.0 by further decreasing the false detections from animals. Small animals (ex: dogs, cats) have a lower >0.5% false detection rate, and larger animals (ex: deer, horse, cattle) now have a much lower >2% false detection rate. SMD 4.0 truly one of the best add on features for your system giving you the most accurate notification.  Read more about SMD 4.0 in our Smart Motion Detection blog                  If you like these features here are some of our other cameras with the similar features:   MTT4097-FC-DL-AI-SMD3-W-2 MTT8112-FC-AI-SMD3-W MTT8106-AISMD-DI-AD-S4-W MTB4095-AI-SMD-DI-W


The MTB180 also has EPTZ which is a function that digitally zooms and pans into portions of the image, with no physical camera movement. Now this feature does work as stand alone however if wanting to use it on a NVR it does require an AI NVR set to be released early 2023. This feature is especially nice if you want to be able multiple areas are once while digitally zoomed in.  

Heat map

The Montavue MTB180 also has a heat map feature. Simply put, a heat map is an image with varying intensities based on some parameter; in our case that would be activity or movement. Heat Map allows an individual or organization to track movement trends and patterns autonomously, without needing a direct observer. This feature is especially usefully for convivence stores, shopping center, and warehouses. Read more about our Heat maps in out blog.       

Two way audio

The MTB180 also has two way audio that allow you to be able to listen in to the camera and hear what is going on around the camera as well as the ability to speak into the camera utilizing the Montavue go 2.0 app on your smartphone or tablets. Another amazing part of two way audio is this gives you the ability to have an audible alarm that can be trigged by Trip wires or SMD to help deter potential threats or intruders.                                  


In conclusion the Montavue MTB180-FC-AI-SMD4-W security camera is a great addition or first time buy for your home or business security system needs. With the wide field of view and the full color night vision and advanced SMD this is a powerful camera for keeping your property safe and secure. If you’re looking to upgrade your security camera system consider the MTB180 and give any of our awesome customer service reps a call to ensure we get you the best system for your home or business needs. The MTT180 is set to be released early 2023.