MNR68128-AI | 128 Channel 4K H.265+ Ultra-AI NVR with 160TB (8x20TB) HDD Max Internal Capacity, eSATA Expandable - HDDs Not Included

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128 Channel

MNR68128-AI is our largest and most powerful NVR to date. Connect up to 128 cameras via PoE switches for complete coverage of your property. With AI abilities built-in, the MNR68128-AI delivers artificial intelligence to any camera connected to the NVR. Also featuring smart search capabillites to make combing through your footage as efficient as ever. With two high speed network ports, connect multiple PoE switches to build your camera network and easily control all 128 channels from your NVR interface. 4 HDMI ports and 2 VGA ports are built-in for video output to multiple screens.

6 Series

Give the power of AI to your cameras with our 6 series AI NVR, with the ability to provide face detection, AI perimeter, SMD+, smart search, and so much more!

The 6 Series NVRs are designed to provide 4K live display/recording, higher power output for larger cameras, and increased AI capability for the system and attached cameras. Featuring 1024 Mbps bandwidth, Smart H.265+ recording, and AI by recorder: 4-channel face detection, 24-channel perimeter protection , and 32-channel SMD+ capability. Also supports Accupick for up to 64 channels.

Smart H.265+ Recording

The MNR68128-AI contains eight internal hard drive bays, each one can hold up to a 20TB hard drive, giving you a total possible storage capacity of 160TB. This NVR also comes with an E-SATA port which connects to external hard drive units to extend your recording storage space. It also uses H.265+ recording, H265 is currently the standard for security camera recording because it's efficient and fast. Montavue has advanced this idea with Smart H.265+ recording, this enables the NVR's AI to conserve more hard drive space by decreasing the bit rate for objects on screen that are not human or vehicle, this means that all relevant human/vehicle targets will be more clear on screen and the rest will be recorded at a lower bit rate. This ability allows the NVR to use up to 35% less space on your hard drive while still maintaining clear visuals on your recordings.

Network Connectivity & Remote Viewing

Montavue NVRs can connect to your local network and internet which enables the ability to view your system remotely using our free Montavue GO app. Montavue GO is available on smartphone, PC, or tablet and can be accessed 24/7 for free as long as you have an internet signal to your NVR and viewing device. Smart notifications can be sent to your mobile device when humans or vehicles are identified by your Montavue camera system, enabling you to respond to events while you're away.


The 6 Series AI NVR's from Montavue can employ AI abilities to cameras that otherwise would not have them. This means you can use SMD+ Human/Vehicle recognition, Face Detection, Smart Search, and Perimeter Protection with any camera conected to the NVR. All of these abilites are harnessed through the NVR and can produce more efficient playback, increased identification accuracy, and reduce false notifications to your mobile device. The 6 Series 128 channel NVR can simultaneously perform 4 channel face detection, 24 channel perimeter protection , and 32 channel SMD+ capability, all without any built-in camera AI ability being required. For more info on how these AI abilities work, click here.

Specifications for the MNR68128-AI

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