Montavue Network PTZ Keyboard - Montavue
hey guys welcome back to monaview today
in this video we're going to be talking
all about our brand new montague network
ptz keyboard
basically what that is is it's a
joystick and a keypad designed to
control your montague ptz cameras
so whether your ptz is attached to an
nvr or if you're using it as a
standalone camera this connects to the
network itself and then is used to
control and manage those ptz cameras so
the way this keyboard works is it
actually plugs into your guys's network
by plugging straight into a router or a
switch so this is important that you
guys know this before purchasing it
actually does not plug directly into
your nvr and this is because this
keyboard needs to be able to manage
not only cameras that are on nvrs but
there are those of you that have cameras
as standalone units so this needs to be
able to operate any type of ptz camera
that we offer so because of that you're
going to actually integrate this
straight into your guys's network again
through the switch or your guys's router
and then it picks up the ip address of
your desired camera and you control it
from there
there are huge benefits to using this
keyboard mainly the pressure sensitive
joystick is actually going to allow you
to move your ptz more smoothly and
responsively in addition to that of
course you have your buttons and
functions all in one easy place
so before with the app or the nvr you
have to click on all these individual
functions whereas your keyboard has them
all splayed out in a perfect little
design and it's super efficient to get
to any kind of pattern scan preset
whatever you guys might need to do on
the fly this can do it it is fairly easy
to use now there is obviously a learning
curve because there are a lot of buttons
on this thing
but keep in mind we will be releasing a
couple more videos one will be showing
you guys how to install and initialize
the keyboard
and then we're going to be coming out
with an advanced options where that
tutorial is going to show you how to use
every single button and function on this
keyboard as useful as this joystick is
it's honestly just a lot of fun to use
with your ptz camera so it reminds me a
lot of like playing a video game or
something so for those of you that just
like to sit at your system and check out
your neighborhood or your property with
your ptz camera this is the perfect tool
for that type of thing
the ptz keyboard is going to be
available on our website starting now if
you guys want to check out the link in
the description below i've got that down
for you guys and head over there check
that out of course if you have any
questions about this or any other
montevideo product you can give us a
shout we are here monday through friday
to answer any questions you guys have
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were coming out about this keyboard if
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will be very helpful
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guys have a fantastic day