Benefits Security Cameras have in Preventing Crime
Home invasions are a growing concern for homeowners across the United States, with many families feeling vulnerable and unsafe in their own homes. The potential for loss of personal property, emotional distress, and even physical harm can be devastating, which is why it's essential to take steps to protect your home and family from these types of crimes. Did you know that every 30 seconds a burglar takes place this adds up to two burglaries every minute which is more than 3,000 burglaries per day. That is more than one million burglaries a year. 
So with these statistics you might be asking yourself how can I protect my home and family? Well one of the most effective ways to deter burglars and prevent home invasions is through the use of security cameras. Not only do security cameras provide a visual deterrent for burglars but they also offer a range of other benefits that can help reduce the incidence of home invasions. Here at Montavue our cameras offer some of the best software and features ensuring the best protection and ease of mind for your home and business needs. 


The mere presence of security cameras can be enough to deter burglars from targeting a home. Burglars are less likely to attempt a break-in when they know that they are being monitored and that their every move is being recorded. Some of our cameras here at Montavue have a feature called Active Deterrence. This Feature really does change the game when it comes to security for your home and or business with an active flashing light and siren. If you are interested in learning more about all the amazing features  check out our blog on our MTT8106 active deterrence camera.



In the event of a break-in, security cameras provide valuable evidence that can be used to identify and prosecute the perpetrators. Footage from security cameras can show the burglar's face, clothing, and other identifying features, making it easier for law enforcement to track them down. This not only helps to bring the perpetrators to justice but also serves as a warning to other potential burglars that they will be caught if they attempt to break into a home. So the best way of capturing evidence is with using 4K security cameras Here at Montavue we offer a large arrangement of 4k security cameras. Some of our cameras at Montavue have a feature called Smart dual illumination. Smart Dual Illumination technology adopts a smart algorithm to accurately detect targets. The IR illuminator is normally on at night. When the target is detected by the camera, the warm light turns on and the camera records the full-color video and information of key events. When the target is out of the monitored area, the warm light turns off and the IR illuminator turns back on, which helps reduce light pollution in the area. To learn more about this feature check out our Smart Dual Illumination blog. 


Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring capabilities, homeowners can keep an eye on their homes from anywhere in the world. Whether at work, on vacation, or just out running errands, homeowners can receive alerts and monitor their homes in real-time, providing them with peace of mind and the ability to take action if necessary. This ability is enabled by using our Montavue go 2.0 for smartphones, tablets, or even desktop computers. This is especially useful for families with children or elderly relatives who may need to be monitored when they are home alone. You also receive short clips of the captured event for quick playback. If you already have our system and want to learn more on how to use this, here is our YouTube video where we walk you through step by step on how to connect your camera’s to our app. Download the app now.


Improved Law Enforcement

With the help of security cameras, law enforcement can quickly identify and apprehend suspects in the event of a break-in. This not only helps to bring the perpetrators to justice but also serves as a warning to other potential burglars that they will be caught if they attempt to break into a home. By working together with law enforcement, homeowners can help to make their communities safer and reduce the incidence of home invasions.

Other Benefits of Security Cameras

In addition to the benefits outlined above, security cameras offer a range of other benefits that can help make homes safer and more secure. For example, here at Montavue our security cameras are equipped with Smart motion sensors that can detect when someone is approaching a home and trigger an alarm or alert. Some are equipped with night vision capabilities, making it possible to monitor a home even in low-light conditions. Our cameras also come with a tripwire feature. The tripwire is a great feature when you are trying to get a more accurate notification for someone that is in a specific location.


Take a look at some of our top cameras:

MTZ8250-IRAISMD-X (4k PTZ with auto tracking)

MTZ4250-IR-AISMD3-AT (2k PTZ with auto tracking)

MTZ4250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD (PTZ with Active Deterrence)

MTB180-FC-AI-SMD4-W (4K 180° FOV)

MTT8112-FC-AI-SMD3-W (4K, Full Color Night Vision)

MTT4097-FC-DL-AI-SMD-W-2 (2K Face Detection)

MTDB5124 (WIFI Doorbell Camera)

MTT8106-AISMDAD ( Active Deterrence)

MTT8108-AISMDAD ( Active Deterrence)

Security cameras have become an essential tool for homeowners looking to protect their homes from burglars and reduce the incidence of home invasions. With their ability to deter criminals, provide evidence, and allow for remote monitoring, security cameras have helped to make homes safer and more secure than ever before. If you haven't already done so, consider installing security cameras in and around your home to protect your family and property from harm. Please give our amazing customer support team a call if you are interested or have any questions on what system would be best for your home or business needs and our amazing team is always happy to help and try to get you the very best deals possible.