MTT8113-V-AISMD Package | 8MP 4K Smart Varifocal Turret Cameras and 8 Channel 4 Series AI NVR and 2TB HDD

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8 Channel 4 Series AI NVR

The 8 channel 4 Series AI NVRs are capable of recording at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, 4K live display, H 265+ recording, and processing speeds of 256Mbps. This NVR has 8 PoE ports built-in to provide power and information transfer for up to 8 PoE IP cameras. The 4 Series 8 channel NVR has AI abilities that can simultaneously perform 1 channel face detection, 2 channel perimeter protection , and 4 channel SMD+ capability, all without any built-in camera AI functionality. It's also capable of hosting advanced AI cameras like our ANPR license plate reading camera and heat map features of our fisheye cameras. Supports up to two monitors for multi-screen viewing using 1 HDMI output and 1 VGA output.

2TB Included Storage

This 8 Channel package comes with a 2TB hard drive. Our tech services will install this into the NVR before shipping to make installation even easier. The MNR4208-8P-AI comes with 2x hard drive bays, each capable of holding up to a 20TB hard drive, giving this NVR a total storage capacity of 40TB.

The MTT8113-V-AISMD has a slot for a micro SD card. These are useful acting as a backup storage if anything were to happen to the NVR or hard drives, in that event, each camera would have independent recordings on their micro SD card that you could refer to. These micro SD cards can typically record up to 3-7 days worth of video.



Part of the Smart Range Series, the MTT8113-V-AISMD features a vari-focal lens which can adjust from 2.7 mm to 13.5 mm giving the user a total of 5x zoom capability. This zoom feature gives detailed images of distant objects without losing any clarity upon zooming in. The field of view narrows from 113° to 31° giving you pinpoint optics on the area you want covered. The Smart Range Series introduces Smart Motion Detect to our vari-focal cameras. This enables the camera to recognize objects as human or vehicle which can help minimize false notifications on MontavueGO and create more efficient video playback for the user. Also featuring a built-in mic for audio recording, 130ft of IR night vision, and is constructed with a hard aluminum body, IP67 weather protection, and an operational temperature range of -22°F to 140°F, this camera can be used in nearly any location or environment. Learn more about the MTT8113-V-AISMD here.


Smart motion detect uses AI recognition to determine if objects in view of the camera are human or vehicle. This helps eliminate false motion notifications to your MontavueGO app and accurately ensures that all motion recordings are significant and not just a tree blowing in the wind. SMD+ has a 98% accuracy rate from within 30 ft for vehicles and 20 ft for humans. Human/vehicle recognition can be enhanced by using the vari-focal zoom on the MTT8113-V-AISMD which can greatly extend these recognition distances and accuracy.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection refers to the use of either the tripwire or intrusion functions of the MTT8113-V-AISMD. These are powerful AI tools that allow the user to create digital boundries within the camera's view, if a human or vehicle crosses these boundries, an event occurs. During this event the user can be informed via MontavueGO that there's been a crossing by human or vehicle, PTZ cameras can be notified and engaged, or a special recording event can be triggered. Perimeter protection ensures your property stays guarded 24/7 and is ready to alert whenever necessary.


The 4 Series AI NVR's from Montavue can employ AI abilities to cameras that otherwise would not have them. This means you can use SMD+ Human/Vehicle recognition, Face Detection, Smart Search, and Perimeter Protection. All of these abilites are harnessed through the NVR and can produce more efficient playback, increased identification accuracy, and reduce false notifications to your mobile device. The 4 Series 8 channel NVR can simultaneously perform 1 channel face detection, 2 channel perimeter protection , and 4 channel SMD+ capability, all without any built-in camera AI ability being required. For more info on how these AI abilities work, click here.

Remote Connectivity

Montavue NVRs can connect to your local network and internet which enables the ability to view your system remotely using our free Montavue GO app. Montavue GO is available on smartphone, PC, or tablet and can be accessed 24/7 for free as long as you have an internet signal to your NVR and viewing device. Smart notifications can be sent to your mobile device when humans or vehicles are identified by your Montavue camera system, enabling you to respond to events while you're away.

What's Included

  • MNR4208-8P-AI
  • 2TB Surveillance Grade HDD
  • MTT8113-V-AISMD Cameras
  • 100ft Cat5e Cable per camera
  • HDMI Cable and Network Cable
  • USB Mouse
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection

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