MTFL4098-WIFI | 4MP 2K WIFI Floodlight Camera with 2-Way Audio and SMD

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2K Resolution @ 30 FPS

The MTFL4098-WIFI records and displays at 2K resolution @ 30 frames per second with a 115° field of view. This ensures a high quality picture at a smooth frame rate and the wide field of view will be able too see extended peripherals over many other fixed angle cameras. The camera and the floodlights are all highly maneuverable, able to tilt and rotate to best suit the camera's location.


The MTFL4098-WIFI functions as a wireless camera, able to connect via 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wifi frequency to your router. Able to transmit 36 Mbps over wifi, this camera will be instantly accessed from the MontavueGO app or linked into your camera network via router to NVR. The camera is powered by a standard 100–240 VAC which can be wired with an adapter to a conventional wall outlet or transformer.



The two large floodlights have 4 built-in light modes: Motion activation, manual, scheduled, or smart dual illumination which will only enable when detecting humans, vehicles, and/or animals. The MTFL4098-WIFI also has 2 light colors to choose from, warm and cool. Each floodlight can also be manually rotated or tilted to enable the best coverage possible.

Two-Way Audio & Siren

The MTFL4098-WIFI comes equipped with a microphone and speaker enabling you to have two-way audio via the MontavueGO app or from your NVR. Converse with subjects on camera with crystal clear audio or ward away intruders by activating the siren. The siren alarm can be set to automatically activate alongside SMD+ or manually activated through MontavueGO by the user. The MTFL4098-WIFI supports custom audio files for the siren.


Smart motion detect uses AI recognition to determine if objects moving in front of the camera are human or vehicle. This helps eliminate false notifications, accurately activates the floodlights, and ensures that all motion recordings are significant. The SMD+ built into the MTFL4098-WIFI also has the ability of animal detection. This can be activated alongside human/vehicle detection and will be able to activate the lights and siren when triggered.

IR LED Night Vision

Equipped with 33 ft of Infrared night vision, the MTFL4098-WIFI will use IR night vision if a color image is no longer possible due to lack of available light. This will allow the camera to see subjects before they activate the floodlights. The camera will disable IR when floodlights are active, giving you a high definition color view of the event, and then reactivate the IR when the floodlights turn back off.


IP65 Weatherproof

The MTFL4098-WIFI is rated IP65 on the ingress protection scale. This indicates that the electrical enclosure is dust tight and watertight against light pressure water spray, however, use caution when using power sprayers or subjecting the camera to consistent water contact.

Montavue MTFL4098-WIFI Floodlight Network Camera

What's Included

  • MTFL4098-WIFI Camera
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE Connection

Specifications for MTFL4098-WIFI


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Customer Reviews

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Ian L

Impressed by this camera. The setup was very easy using the Montavue app and the lights come on very bright. I put this on the side of my garage and I'm pleased with the human detection which only turns the lights on when I'm out there.