MTT4097 Dual Lens Full Color Night Camera with Two-way Audio and Intelligent Monitoring - Montavue
Video Transcription
Today in this video we are going to
be going over our brand new
that is a mouthful so we're just
going to refer to it as the mtt4097
now this camera is definitely one of my
favorites it is loaded with features so
first of all what makes this camera
really special is the Dual lens
technology so in a nutshell what that is
is it enables the camera to have a full
color night image and it does this by
having one lens shoot a spectral image
this is basically in a really intense
version of an IR infrared image the
other lens shoots a regular full color
shot just like you would see on any of
our other cameras then the technology
inside the camera is able to combine
both of those images to make a cohesive
single full color night image and it
looks fantastic just like you see here
so regardless of the type of environment
you guys are in the Night level the
darkness level this is going to present
a really fantastic full color shot for
you guys so in addition to the Dual lens
technology this camera is four megapixel
so it's 2K at 30 frames per second now
that might be a little bit off-putting
to some of you that really for the 4K
images but let me tell you from personal
experience using this at my own home as
well as seeing how it performs here at
the headquarters
this camera beats most 4K cameras we
have simply just for that full color
night image so beyond the ability for
the Dual lens it also has infrared as
well as a warm light that goes up to 150
feet if you guys just wanted more color
in your night image or just something
wasn't looking exactly the way you want
it the warm light is able to produce a
steady light again up to 150 feet
and if you wanted to go one step further
you guys can still use the infrared
technology by shooting infrared which is
your black and white again up to about
150 feet this camera has an IP67 rating
which means it is virtually weatherproof
and waterproof dust proof you name it it
also has an operating temperature from
negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit all the
way to 140 degrees Fahrenheit all these
features combined means this camera is
suitable for any environment
has a 97 degree field of view it's a
little bit narrower than the rest of our
cameras however Those Distant objects
are going to come in a little bit
clearer because you have a narrower
field of view it has two-way audio so
it's got a microphone built in up the
front and it has a speaker built in on
the back so you're going to be able to
have a conversation with whoever's on
camera or even anywhere around it so in
addition to all of those other features
we also have intelligent monitoring so
that is the ability for the camera to
recognize humans and vehicles versus
everything else and then of course it's
got the alerts that go along with that
it also has facial detection which it
takes the profile face image of whoever
it's seeing and it puts it up on the
side of the
screen and so that when you guys come
back and you look through who's gone by
the camera it will actually show you a
face of whoever has gone by it can even
go one step further and it can detect
things like scars hats goatees you know
really really specific things but it's
really important to know that what this
camera will not do with facial detection
is it's not going to tell you that's
Jimmy John from down the street there's
no database for it to reference for
someone's first and last name but it
will be able to identify somebody as a
specific someone and it will be able to
show you their face later on for
identification for you the last feature
I want to go over with you guys is smart
dual illumination we are going to be
seeing this more and more often with our
newer cameras and effectively what that
is is the ability for the camera to
recognize a human or a vehicle and then
one step further it's able to activate
the warm light for that object so if it
detects a person within 60 feet of the
camera it'll pop on that warm light not
only is that going to give you a even
more enhanced full color version of that
person but it's also going to perhaps
light their way when they're walking
around somebody will see that and maybe
be deterred like an active deterrence
type of feature because they'll know
that they're now being seen and recorded
so there are quite a few ways that you
can employ something like smart dual
illumination and like I said it's going
to be available on some of our other
cameras as well but this one is the
first to have it and it works fantastic
that is pretty much what I've got for
your 4097 specs if you guys have any
questions on this camera feel free to
call us we are here at the tech support
and sales line Monday through Friday any
questions you guys have about this
camera or anything else we have in the
Morning View Arsenal feel free to ask us
we are happy to answer any of those for
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