Montavue MTT4095 Affordable 2K Security Camera with Smart Dual Illumination and Artificial Intelligence - Montavue
Video Transcription
Welcome back to Montevue, today
in this video we're going to be going
over our brand new 4095 camera lineup so
that's going to include our mtt4095
turret cameras MTD 4095 Dome cameras and
our MTB 4095 bullet cameras these all
share some similar specs however each
one does have its own specialty as well
so uh some things that they all share
they are all four megapixel this is the
equivalent to 2K resolution and they're
going to be able to shoot this at 30
frames per second all of them have
infrared capability that is going to
extend out to about 100 feet these
cameras are also going to feature an
IP67 rating this means they are
weatherproof so in addition to an
operating temperature ranging from
negative 40 degrees all the way to 140
degrees these cameras are going to be
able to go in nearly any environment
some of the specialty things that they
have now the 4095 is going to have Smart
dual illumination that is going to be
key for the bullet as well as the turret
cameras so as you'll notice they do have
these little lights just above so one of
those is your infrared again that is an
LED infrared goes to about 100 feet and
that's your classic black and white
however it also has the warm light now
this also goes about 100 feet and you
guys have the opportunity to have it on
kind of all the time or it actually has
smart motion detect features built into
the camera where if it detects a human
or a vehicle it will pop on that warm
light and that basically gives you guys
better imagery it enables the camera to
get a full color night image of that
person or vehicle and it's just going to
give you guys a lot more identifying
power for these incidents and events so
again these cameras smart dual
illumination they're going to recognize
human and vehicle and they're going to
pop on that light depending on what you
guys have that setting for if you guys
don't want that of course that ability
is able to be deactivated and it's
highly customizable so
um a few things here the Dome camera
this is going to have a rating of ik10
as well as that IP67 this means that it
is Vandal Proof and essentially it can
take quite a bit of damage before the
camera succumbs and is inoperable so
that is the one advantage to getting a
dome camera over the other ones is that
it is Vandal Proof so one thing you guys
should know about the Dome uh it does
have the benefit of being Vandal Proof
it's ik10 however it is not going to
have the warm light or smart dual
illumination ability and it's just
simply because by its nature the Dome
sort of prevents that type of thing from
actively working
um but again you're gonna get that
Vandal proofness which is a huge benefit
in the microphone every single model of
the 4095 is going to be equipped with a
microphone for audio and now that is
going to include the Dome version as
well so that is something that we
haven't had for a long time and it can
be frustrating for people looking for
Dome cameras but also the ability to
record audio so now you have that with
the MTD 4095 so in addition to all those
specs of course you're going to have
that SMD plus the human vehicle
recognition so not only is that going to
apply to your smart dual illumination
but it will also apply to your guys's
text alerts as well so these cameras
when they identify a human or a vehicle
that is in the presence of their Vision
they can actually send you a text alert
telling you whether they're identifying
a human or a vehicle so that can be
really nice to reduce false alerts
sometimes our older cameras they see any
kind of motion go on and Bam they'll
send you a notification and it might not
be anything that's terribly important so
these cameras will now be able to
perform that Duty and let you guys know
if there's a human vehicle in your
guys's camera view the 4095 cameras are
also going to have a 95 degree field of
view now this is a little bit less than
what you guys might be used to for other
cameras that have somewhere around 108
to 112 degrees however in my opinion
this is a better thing to have a smaller
field of view and that is because the
lower or the shallower you feel the view
the more into the distance your camera
is going to be able to see accurately so
you do obviously miss a little bit more
of your peripherals but I think the
ability to see a little bit further than
most cameras is going to be a huge asset
to your guys's security system so
um that about wraps it up for the 40.95
specs if you guys have any questions on
these cameras feel free to call our tech
support or our sales line we are here
Monday through Friday to answer any
questions you guys have and of course I
always appreciate you guys checking out
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see you guys next time thank you for
choosing Montague and have a great day