Montavue Active Deterrence Setup Tutorial - Montavue
Video Transcription
Today in this video I'm going to be
showing you how to set up your active
deterrence features on your Montague
active deterrence cameras so this is
going to cover the mtt8106 cop light
camera as well as the mtt8108 after
deterrence model so follow along here
and I'm going to show you guys how to
set up tripwires so that you can have
the siren and the lights activate we're
also going to be showing you guys how to
do it with smart motion detect and then
finally I'm going to show you guys how
to manually operate the siren and the
lights using Montague go the mobile
application so let's get into it okay
first off we're going to show you guys
how to set up trip wires with the active
deterrence features so in order to do
that we're going to head over to the NVR
I'd like you guys to head over to the
main menu as well so right click and
choose main menu from the live view
from the main menu we're going to select
AI it's right up top here
and then once we're there we're going to
go to the left side and we'll choose
parameters first thing we need to do is
we need to activate the smart plan so
we're going to click on Smart Plan here
we're going to choose the correct
channel for your guys's accurate
deterrence camera and then once we're
there we're going to make sure that we
activate this by turning the light bulb
blue once that's looking good we're
going to hit apply in the bottom right
corner and now we're ready to head over
to IVs on the left side once we're in
IVs we're going to add a rule so in the
bottom right corner we're going to click
on add
and you'll see you'll notice up top it's
going to create a tripwire rule so the
first thing we need to draw this
tripwire where it's going to be on
screen so we're going to click on the
draw icon here once we click on the draw
icon we're brought to a full view of
this camera and in order to draw the
tripwire simply just left click anywhere
on the screen and then continue left
clicking to make subsequent Vector
changes once you guys have the tripwire
looking the way you want it and covering
the areas you want as you'll see I drove
mine right over the sidewalk and I'm
kind of containing this little perimeter
here I'm going to do a single right
click and that will solidify the line
onto the screen and then we can move on
to our options over here on the left so
here we have a couple options I can name
my tripwire that is totally up to you
guys choosing the direction that is what
direction the person will come from when
they're crossing the tripwire personally
I recommend both it's just a good option
to have because you never know where
someone's going to come from
and then finally you want to choose
human vehicle recognition I'm going to
have all these activated and on
so I'm going to hit OK and that's going
to take me back to the screen now I'd
like you guys to click on the trigger
options up here in this little gear
wheel icon and we're going to see
Trigger options first we're going to see
camera light or white light that is
referring to the strobe light that is
built into the camera now regardless if
you have the cop light version or not
this is what it's talking about so here
we can choose how long of a duration
those lights have so here it's going to
be 10 seconds as a default you can also
choose to say if they're normally on
which means they don't strobe or you can
choose the strobe effect and then you
can even go as far as to choose the
frequency at which they go so you can go
low which does a low slow strobing
or you can do high which does a really
fast pace strobing all right so once
you've chosen all of your options for
your light we're going to go to camera
audio this is dictating the siren
portion of the active deterrence so
we're going to check it to make sure
that we have it on and then if we click
setting that's going to give us a little
bit more in-depth options
so one of them is that you can choose
what you want to be your siren by
default the siren that comes with this
camera is really loud it's really
effective but it might be too loud for
you guys uses so here you can choose a
host of pre-recorded options you can
even go as far as to choosing your own
custom audio as I have here the Cops
theme however keep in mind that this is
kind of a lengthy process to do this
however we will be covering in another
video here coming up soon so now that
I've chosen which alarm I want and how
many times I want it to repeat I hit OK
and then finally once I've chosen all of
my options here I'm going to press OK
one more time
and then finally apply in the bottom
right corner once we've got everything
down for that tripwire
so once we've hit apply we want to make
sure our trip wire is showing up so I'd
like you guys to go back to the live
screen and now we should see that
tripwire going over the screen so you
guys can run out there and activate it
make sure it's working as you'll see
here on this demo mine is working
okay next I'm going to show you guys how
to do smart motion detect this is in
opposition to the tripwire so if you
guys don't want a tripwire smart motion
detect takes the entire screen into play
and then will only activate the siren
and the lights if it pops up with a
human or a vehicle on screen
so in order to do that we're going to go
from the live view on the NVR we're
going to go back to the main menu and
again we're going to go into AI okay
once we are in the AI section we're
going to go back to parameters we're
going to turn on smart plan for this
channel one more time or if it's already
on then you guys are good
hit apply don't forget that
and this time instead of IVs we're going
to go all the way down to SMD
first thing we want to do is we want to
enable that
and then here we have the same host of
so we can choose our camera light
the frequency
only this time smart motion detect
doesn't allow us to do the non-strobing
so you basically have a choice between
low medium or high strobe here
and then of course again you can choose
that camera audio and which type of
alarm you guys want
so once you guys have chosen all those
options don't forget about your human
vehicle recognition on top and
everything is looking the way you want
it go ahead and hit apply in the bottom
right corner
now as opposed to the tripwire your
smart motion detect isn't going to have
a visual indicator that it's active so
for this one you guys are just gonna
have to walk out there and test it
yourselves but of course you should be
greeted with a siren and a light when it
detects you
okay now that's all wrapped up we're
gonna do the last part of this video
showing you guys how to manually
activate the siren and the light using
your guys's smartphones on Montague go
so assuming you have everything added
correctly through the NVR we are going
to jump on Montague go on the smartphone
I'm going to open up the live view for
that specific camera now I want you guys
to bring up so that's the only camera
that we're looking at basically it's
going to be full screen
then you're going to be presented with
these icons down below so you'll notice
here there is two-way audio I'm going to
show you guys to do that you just press
this little microphone button and both
models of our active deterrence camera
have two-way audio so just in case you
guys are wondering that is how you do
that function
all right now that you guys know how to
do two-way audio we're going to show you
guys how to do the siren and the lights
so let's go ahead and click on these two
little arrows and what that's going to
do is it's going to expand the list of
and we're going to see This little light
bulb icon on the far right side go ahead
and click on that
once you guys click on that it's going
to show two more icons we've got a light
bulb that will control the lights for
the camera and then we have the little
bell and that is going to control the
sound alarm
so you guys can click one the other or
both it is totally up to you just keep
in mind though that these features will
continue to activate until they are
turned off by you the user so if you
guys aren't home and you perhaps turn on
the alarm and don't turn it off that
alarm is going to keep on ringing all
day long so make sure you guys
deactivate this stuff so you don't piss
off your neighbors all right
one last thing I want to show you guys
quick let's go back to the home screen
of the montevue go app now from here I'd
like you guys to see these little white
dots to the right of where my NVR is
listed my NVR is called desk you guys
will have this exact option I want you
to click these white dots and then I'd
like you to choose the device details
option here
so what I wanted to show you is on this
device Details page and that is the
disable alarm linkage option now this is
what I wanted to point out to you guys
this really will help you with your
active deterrence cameras what happens
is if this option is enabled it actually
turns off the alarm and the siren for
any or all of your active deterrence
cameras that are on this particular NVR
so this is really useful for a lot of
options so keep in mind you can come to
this screen enable this option and
effectively that disables your guys a
siren and alarm for the time being don't
forget to turn it back off once you're
done so that you re-engage those sirens
and you should be good to go alright
guys that is all I've got for the active
deterrence feature setup hopefully you
guys were able to follow along and
everything went smooth as I mentioned
earlier we will be coming out with
another video that's going to show you
guys how to do the custom audio on these
cameras it is a lengthy process but stay
tuned for that one of course like And
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keep up to date
thank you for choosing Montague I really
appreciate you guys checking out our
videos and you guys have a fantastic day