Introducing the Montavue Smart Doorbell!

The New Montavue Doorbell - The MTDB5124

What is it?

The new Montavue Doorbell, the MTDB5124, is a premier residential smart doorbell. With features including a high-resolution sensor, 2-way audio, and IR night vision the MTDB5124 is an excellent offering for monitoring your property. Functionally, it is a smart doorbell that can operate standalone or can integrate into one of our NVR systems. The doorbell functions as a traditional doorbell and will alert you via your phone with a live feed from your porch the instant someone presses it.

Tech Specs and Features:


  • 5MP (2560x1920) Resolution 

A high resolution is crucial for identifying features and individuals. Equipped with a powerful 1/2.7-in 5MP CMOS censor, the Montavue MTDB5124 is able to record at a resolution of 2560x1920, considerably higher than the industry standard. This gives a level of clarity that is hard to find with other doorbells. 


  • 2 Way Audio

This a feature we’ve come to expect with smart doorbells, but an important one nonetheless. Equipped with G.711A and G.711μ PCM compression with 8KHz, 16Khz, and 32KHz sampling options, you can be sure your doorbell is capturing the best audio possible tailored to your specific installation requirements. 

  • Multiple Storage Options 

The Montavue Doorbell Camera offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to storage options. Not only does it feature a built-in microSD card slot for on-device recording, but it also seamlessly integrates with Montavue Network Video Recorders (NVRs). This means you can break free from the restrictive recording limitations that plague many other smart doorbells on the market.

  • On Device Storage

The MTDB5124, contains an internal microSD slot, allowing you to store recordings locally even if you don't own an NVR system. This ensures your captured footage remains safe and accessible, regardless of your current surveillance setup. Check out our offerings for class 10 surveillance-grade microSD cards here.

  • NVR Integration

When connected to a Montavue NVR, the doorbell camera becomes an individual channel within your security system. This integration allows it to benefit from the ample storage provided by your NVR, giving you the capacity to save weeks or even months of doorbell camera footage.


Storing your footage locally comes with the advantage of being unaffected by internet service provider (ISP) outages. This is a crucial consideration, as cameras or doorbells that rely solely on cloud storage can be rendered useless during such disruptions. With the Montavue Doorbell Camera, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your recordings are always safe and accessible, no matter the circumstances.


  • Uninterrupted Recording with Dual Band Networking

The Montavue Doorbell now has support for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands of wifi, allowing users to choose what will work best for their home. This also means the MTDB5124 is compatible with 99% of modern wifi routers.


  • Customize Your Greetings with Custom Audio Messages

Montavue’s Smart Doorbell has pre-recorded messages as well as options to create custom responses that can be easily used to respond to guests at your door. 


  • No Hidden Costs: No Paid Subscription

At Montavue we believe in owning what you buy and do not charge a subscription for any of our services or products. Many smart doorbells charge monthly subscription fees for storing recordings or even general functionality. When you purchase a product with Montavue you can be assured we will never charge you to use your products. 


  • Push Notifications for Instant Alerts

The Montavue MTDB5124 Smart Doorbell is designed to keep you informed and secure. With instant push notifications, you'll receive an alert on your phone whenever someone presses the doorbell or when motion is detected. Simply select the notification and view your camera instantly. This allows you to monitor your home in real time and take appropriate action if necessary.


  • Wide Field of View for Enhanced Coverage

With a 124-degree horizontal field of view, the Montavue Doorbell Camera provides extensive coverage of your front porch and surrounding areas. This wide-angle lens ensures you can capture more of what's happening outside your home, reducing blind spots and giving you a better view of visitors and potential threats.


  • MontavueGo Mobile App for Seamless Access

The MontavueGo Mobile App provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface to access your MTDB5124 Smart Doorbell. View live footage, playback recorded events, and manage your device settings from anywhere with an internet connection. Stay connected and in control of your home security with ease.


  • Clear Images in Low Light Conditions with IR Night Vision

Equipped with infrared night vision, the Montavue MTDB5124 Doorbell Camera ensures clear and detailed images even in low-light conditions. With a range of up to 32 feet, you can keep an eye on your property day and night, ensuring the safety and security of your home.


  • Detect People on Your Porch with Smart Motion Detection

The MTDB5124 contains the latest in object recognition algorithms, allowing it to accurately identify humans within the scene. SMD is able to record and flag footage as containing a motion event. This can be useful to see when people, such as package deliverers, came to the door - even if they didn’t ring the doorbell. Read more about Smart Motion Detection here.


Check Out the Montavue Doorbell Today

Whether you already have a Montavue system and are looking to add a smart doorbell, or are a first-time buyer looking at what’s out there, be sure to consider the MTDB5124 for your home. Equipped with all the features expected from modern smart doorbells, as well as unique features which set the Montavue Doorbell apart, our MTDB5124 will meet your needs and more. Check out our Youtube video to learn more and see what to expect with your purchase.