Montavue MTZ8250-L 4K PTZ Camera 25x Zoom 30 FPS Artificial Intelligence and Smart Motion Detect - Montavue
Video Transcription
hey guys welcome back to monaview today
in this video we will be going over our
brand new ptz camera it's the mtz
now for those of you that are familiar
with our existing inventory we do have
the mtz 4250 which is a 2k
uh ptz camera and then we have the mtz
8250 which is our 4k with auto tracking
unfortunately though with that auto
tracking it makes that camera very
expensive and so it's kind of out of
reach for those of you that wish to have
a 4k ptz camera but don't necessarily
need the auto tracking so
ntz8250-l solves that problem it is a 4k
25 times zoom ptz camera
it just does not have auto tracking
is a pretty sweet feature but not
everybody needs it it's honestly
overkill for a lot of situations
so this ptz camera is going to be that
middle man
for those of you that want the high
quality resolution but don't necessarily
need the auto tracking
so uh some additional features of this
camera of course you do have the 25
times zoom 30 frames per second
full 4k or 8 megapixel resolution
you're also going to have about 400 feet
of night vision uh and that is your
classic black and white imagery but this
is going to be able to allow you to see
through complete darkness so this is no
lights available and you will see 400
feet this is perfect for keeping an eye
on your livestock on your car
dealerships whatever you guys might have
that includes a large area
this camera is perfect for that it's got
an operating temperature from negative
40 degrees fahrenheit all the way to 158
a big question we get
especially from those of you that live
in the desert are how hot can these
cameras get well this one goes all the
way to 158 degrees so
even if you're in the middle of qatar
it's still going to work hopefully
temperatures aren't going over 158
degrees and so this is a very sturdy and
capable camera so in addition to that
operating temperature you also are going
to have an
ip66 ingress protection rating with an
ip66 rating this is going to be fully
waterproof as well as dust proof
meaning that you can put this camera in
any environment or weather we also have
a i smd that's artificial intelligence
and smart motion detect that's the
ability for the camera to recognize the
difference between humans and vehicles
so artificial intelligence is going to
relate to the tripwire functions on this
and with the introduction of smd again
that smart motion detect
you guys are going to be able to set
that up with just your standard motion
detection so you don't have to deal with
those pesky trip wires and it's going to
be able to recognize humans and vehicles
without doing much else
so it's kind of a fire and forget type
of thing so for those of you that don't
want to sit there and
mess with your guys's system too much
smd is the perfect solution for that
all right guys i want to take a minute
just to talk about how incredible this
zoom power is so 25 times zoom
now what you're going to see here is
this is our rooftop camera and i'm going
to zoom in on this hill all the way so
25 times now keep in mind your guys's
field of view starts at about 67 degrees
and you'll see as i zoom in we're gonna
cut it down to about three degrees so
these cameras are meant to be placed
higher up and further away from your
target area
now this hilltop kind of looks close on
this view but i want to give you guys a
perspective of how far it really is so
check out this google earth animation
that i've got going on
and as you can see here here's our
office i'm going to highlight that
and as i pan down you're going to see
how far away this hill really is it is
1.25 miles
and keep in mind you're able to see with
that level of clarity at 1.25 miles with
this camera so this is going to be an
extremely useful tool for anyone that
has a huge piece of property and you
have to see a long distance
the zoom level is going to be a game
changer one last thing to note is that
our larger ptz cameras do come with the
mounting hardware included so when you
guys purchase this it will come with
this mount it's fairly easy to set up
you basically just mount it to a wall
and the camera clicks into there that
allows it to hang upside down and that
way you guys can get a true full 360
there are other mounts that are
available on our website so if you guys
are interested in corner mounts pole
something different or a junction box
for this guy we do have those available
uh the parapet mount is also a fantastic
device to use with this camera so i will
put the links in the description for
those so you guys can check those out
just keep in mind though that it does
come with all the necessary hardware to
hook it up
so i think that's all i've got for you
guys on our
mtz8250-l if you guys have any questions
about this camera or anything else that
we sell here at monaview please feel
free to call our tech support or sales
line we are here monday through friday
and we can answer any questions you guys
about this product or anything else that
we sell here as always i really
appreciate you guys checking out the
check out the rest of my channel uh we
always do videos here and there about
different aspects of the monavie system
and we have a lot of great tutorials out
there to help you guys out as well
thanks for stopping by thank you for
choosing monaview and you guys have a
fantastic day