Person monitoring a casino security feed

Don't take a gamble on your security

Surveillance can be a unique challenge for even small casinos. Additionally, the significant amount of activity and potential for theft requires precise real-time monitoring. However, many casinos still rely on outdated analog technology. Even with the advent of Digital Video Recorders, analog cameras just can’t match the capabilities available in today’s IP cameras and NVR’s. Only surveillance systems that use a 4K Network Video Recorder and 4MP or 8MP IP security cameras can deliver the precise real-time monitoring you need to protect your assets, customers, employees and your business.


Protecting your assets and liability is the top priority for any casino owner. While customer theft is a concern, employee safety, and a larger problem that can be overlooked is theft by employees. In fact, the majority of casino losses are attributed to employee theft. The most compelling evidence is a report from The Nevada Gaming Commission. Their report explicitly states that from 1999 to 2000 34% of arrests for theft or cheating in casinos involved staff members. With this in mind, wouldn’t you want to have the best protection available to prevent this? All things considered, investing in a 4K security system that comes with a 4K Network video recorder and 4 or 8 megapixel IP cameras could save you a jackpot of money. Below are some common types of employee theft and how they can be prevented.


A cunning tactic that some employees use to covertly skim casino profits is making fictitious comp entries. For example, a customer may order a drink and pay the employee with cash for the drink. The employee will then enter the drink as being complimentary and pocket the cash that the customer paid for the drink. You can prevent this type of theft by installing security cameras with 2K 4MP resolution or higher at all of your Point Of Sale systems. A fixed lens bullet or dome security camera does very well in this situation. 4 and 8MP IP cameras have a high resolution so you can clearly see the transactions being entered.


Many casinos have “players clubs”. These are generally used to encourage customers to make higher bets and spend more time gambling. In exchange, they are given rewards such as free drinks, food, lodging and in some cases even money. Some employees will fraudulently report the average bet amount and time spent gambling by a patron in hopes that they will receive larger tips from the customer. This behavior can be deterred and caught by installing a high-resolution security system utilizing Montavue’s 4K security systems at all of your machines and tables to verify customers betting habits and length of stay.


If your casino has gaming tables then you have the risk of fraud from not only the customers but the employees running the table. Cheating at gaming tables often involves collusion between a patron and an employee. These schemes can range from an employee taking a stacked deck from a customer to employees giving patrons more chips than they actually paid for. To mitigate this risk it is imperative to have security cameras installed at all of your gaming tables. Our 4 and 8MP IP cameras record at 30fps h.265 compression which will ensure that any quick hand movements can be clearly seen.


An effective casino security system needs to be able to distinguish rapid hand movements, currency denominations and clearly identify patrons. This can be difficult to achieve with analog systems that only record at around 15 frames per second and have poor resolution. Upgrading to an IP security camera system can solve all of these problems.








IP camera systems have a unique advantage over their analog counterparts. This is because of their ability to take advantage of the analytic software available in 4K NVR’s and the image sensors in our 4 and 8MP IP cameras. This software can immediately analyze the incoming video and provide different types of feedback to the user about the video. Below are some of the useful features that are available from IP cameras with Intelligent Video Surveillance capabilities.




As you can see the benefits of upgrading your casino’s security system to 4 or 8MP IP cameras is immeasurable. Given that analog cameras lack many of the features needed to effectively detect cheating and theft it’s no wonder so many casino owners are purchasing IP cameras for their business. When it comes time to upgrade, Montavue offers a wide selection of 4MP and 8MP IP cameras with IVS features as well as 4K NVR’s which are sure to meet the demanding needs of the gambling industry.