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Common Uses for Audio Recording Security Cameras

The majority of IP security cameras that are available on the market do not have audio capabilities, but it is becoming more common. This is because the majority of security camera applications do not require audio recording. Most of the time a high quality video, like you get from Montavues' 2K and 4K security cameras, is enough for the end user. That is not to say that there is never a need for cameras that record audio though. There are many situations where audio recordings are very useful, and can even be vital. We are going to discuss some of those instances as well as go over what to be aware of when using audio cameras.


Determining What Was Said

The most obvious use for camera with built in mics is to be able to hear what is or was being said. A common application for this is to determine what was said if there was an argument or dispute. An audio recording can help you decide if someone is at fault based on what was said. If people know that what they are saying is being recorded, they are also more likely to keep their language appropriate. An example of this would be employees not using swear words in front of customers. Or maybe there was a break in at your home or business? If the culprit or culprits spoke at all you may be able to use the audio recording to identify them by their voice, or perhaps they may have said something incriminating that can help authorities.


Monitor Children and Pets

Another common use for audio recording is so that you can monitor your small children or pets. If your children are outside playing and you don’t want to monitor the video feeds constantly you can just have the audio on. Then if one of them starts crying or getting upset about something you will still know right away. Some customers also have them double as baby monitors. The same as for children, several of our customers have also used them to monitor their pets. Maybe you have a dog that is a little too vocal? With remote viewing capabilities you will know if your pet has been being too loud while you are away. Whether you are home or away, you will have an extra layer of assurance that your loved ones are safe.


Monitor Your Equipment

Many times you can tell if a piece of equipment is running correctly just by the way it sounds. For industrial and commercial operations that have equipment running around the clock an audio camera can come in handy. Whether you are at the job site or away you can always be sure that your expensive pieces of equipment are running correctly just by listening in. We know how expensive some equipment is and being able to catch a malfunction early can make a huge difference in the cost to repair.


Help Identify Strange Sounds

Audio cameras are also very useful in helping identify sounds that are out of place or strange. Maybe it is glass breaking, tires squealing, or a door slamming. Whatever it is, an audio camera can help you identify it, even if nothing was seen on the video feeds. The more information that you can gather on what happened, the better chance you have of being able to identify who or what caused it. Whether the cat knocked over a glass or a burglar attempted to break-in, an audio recording can help you get to the bottom of it.


What to Watch For

We always encourage customers to check into the state and local laws and regulations regarding audio recording before installation or purchase. It varies by state to state, but you need to be careful that you are not recording anything illegally, or else it won’t be admissible. Many states require you to have visible signs saying that audio is being recorded, and some situations will even call for written consent. In the event of a break-in, audio recordings are usually allowed but you will want to check with your local authorities to make sure you are doing everything correctly.


Give Us a Call

Whatever you need an IP security camera with audio recording for, Montavue has you covered. Our experts can help you determine if audio recording is right for you, and which camera or cameras will work with your situation. Click here to see our line up of industry best audio recording IP security cameras. As always, don’t hesitate to call or message us for any security camera questions and concerns.