Camera Firmware Upgrade Tutorial - Montavue
Video Transcription
hey guys welcome back to monoview today
we're going to be showing you how to
upgrade the firmware on your monta view
cameras now typically you would want to
do this if your camera is experiencing
issues or glitches because that is the
primary reason we release these updates
is to fix those known issues
another reason you want to upgrade your
camera firmware is if you have recently
purchased a new nvr
and it requires the latest and greatest
firmware to be on those cameras in order
to be compatible
a big misconception here is that we add
camera firmware upgrades to enhance
features or to add features to the
and that is not necessarily the case so
the old adage of if it ain't broke don't
fix it really comes into play here when
we're dealing with camera firmware so if
your guys's cameras are operating
perfectly normal don't upgrade the
firmware there's no reason to just keep
it going like it is
if you guys do need to upgrade your
firmware continue watching this video
and we're going to show you the three
different methods on how to do that
our first method is straight through the
nvr interface in order to do this you're
going to need access to your nvr
then you're going to need a usb flash
drive and a computer this can be a mac
or pc
so first off what we're going to do is
we're going to log into your computer
and we're going to open up any web
then head over to which is
our primary website
and once you're there look towards the
top of the page and we want to go to the
help center
once we're in the help center we're
going to scroll down and we're going to
find the category called firmware
upgrades or updates once we select that
then it's going to be divided into two
categories nvr and camera upgrades so
obviously we're going to choose camera
once we have that open it's going to
show you a list of all available
upgrades for all of our montague camera
types so
just find your correct model and for
this example we're going to be doing the
mtt 8108-aismdad
better known as our active deterrence
camera so once we find that on the list
here we're gonna look to the right and
you're gonna see this blue lettering to
the right of that category this is the
actual firmware file and if you left
click it it should start the download
now the last few digits on this blue
number indicates what date this patch
was released
so if this supersedes what you guys
currently have as firmware then you
should be able to download it to your
camera and upgrade it just fine
if it's older than what you guys
currently have it won't be able to be
taken by your camera and we'll have to
find an alternative for you guys so once
you've got that downloaded to your
guys's computer go ahead and look at
your recent downloads and we should see
this file now it is a very strange file
type if you try to open it no computer
is going to be able to recognize this
this is normal
we don't necessarily want to open it on
your computer i advise against this
we simply just want to use your computer
as a transfer medium to that usb flash
drive so that's what we're going to do
we're going to drag and drop this from
your recent downloads and we're going to
put it on that usb flash drive that we
have plugged in
once it's in the usb flash drive go
ahead and right click and choose eject
so we can safely remove it from the
once it's on the computer we're going to
take it over to the nvr and you have
multiple usb ports to choose from
essentially you have one in the back one
in the front so choose whichever one
your mouse is not plugged into
once we insert the usb into the nvr
we're going to get this little pop up
here you guys can just right click on
the mouse to make this go away
then we want to go to the main menu
select camera from here
then we want to be on the camera list
and finally we're going to select the
update tab at the top
once we're in the update section we can
now choose our camera or our channel and
we want to do this by selecting this
little box here and putting a white
check mark in there
once we've selected our camera we want
to hit file update
and it's going to pop up with this same
basically we need to stop recording for
this particular channel in order to
update the camera so we're going to say
okay to that
the next screen is going to show
information regarding our usb
first of all it's going to show you how
much space you have on top
and it's going to show you any files
that are on that usb on the bottom once
we've chosen that file we're going to
press ok now we're just going to wait
for that update to implement to the
and we should see the progress under the
status bar here and when everything's
done it should say update successful
once it says update successful in the
status column we know we're good to go
that camera has been fully upgraded and
we're done with this procedure
the next method we're going to take a
look at is how to add it from a pc in
the same network as you're in vr how
this works is we're going to log into
your nvr's ip address
from your computer's web browser so all
we have to do
is we have to get that ip address first
so to do that i'd like you to go to your
select main menu then we want to go to
and under tcp slash ip we can see our ip
address here we want to write this
number down and then next we want to go
to that computer open up a web browser
and type that number in exactly as it
appears in your address bar make sure
we're not doing a google search but we
want to put it in the address bar at the
very top
once you've got that go ahead and hit
enter and it should take you to a web
login screen for your nvr
this time we want to just use our
standard admin username and the password
for your guys's nvr once we're in the
system we want to click on setting here
in the upper left corner
then we're going to choose camera
then we're going to choose camera list
and finally we're going to go to update
up here
we're in the update section just like
before we're going to select our camera
or channel in the box here once we've
chosen the correct camera that we wish
to update next we need to browse the
computer for the proper firmware file so
up here where it says browse we're going
to click that we're going to go to
recent downloads and here we're going to
find that file listed up top
once we've selected that we're going to
choose there and it's going to show up
in this box
and then next we can select online
update here in the bottom right corner
to initiate that upload
it's going to ask us to stop recording
for this channel just temporarily while
we upgrade it so we're going to press ok
and with this version we actually see a
status percentage update within this
and once we see update succeeded you're
done your camera should be fully
upgraded and we can call it quits the
final method i'm going to show you guys
today is for those of you with
standalone cameras or if your cameras
are on a poe switch basically not
plugged into the nvr
so how this works is we're going to log
directly into the camera's interface via
the ip address using a computer that's
in the same network as that camera
so first off we want to ascertain the ip
address for this camera and we can do
this a couple ways
the two ways we can find an ip address
for a camera one of them is to use the
ipconfig tool that's available for
download on our website this scans your
entire network and will come back with
all the information regarding that
camera including the ip address
another way to get an ip address is if
you guys do have it attached to
monteview go desktop or if you have it
going through an nvr
you can go to the camera list on either
monteview go desktop or the camera list
on the nvr
and this will show you all of the ip
addresses associated with those cameras
so once we have that ip address i want
you guys to go over to your computer
open up any web browser and we're going
to type in this ip address at the very
top in the address bar again we're not
we're making sure we're not doing the
google search but we want to do the
address bar at the very top
so once you type in that ip address go
ahead and hit enter
once we hit enter we're going to be
presented with this login screen with a
username and a password section
so here's where you would want to use
the admin username admin all lowercase
and of course you want to use the
password you give in your camera if you
guys have this attached to an nvr
through the network then you're going to
use the nvr's password should be
applicable for this camera
once you've logged into the camera we're
going to click on setting up here in the
upper right corner
next if we look over to the left side
we're going to see system go ahead and
click that
then we're going to choose upgrade
and just like before we're going to
browse for that file within the recent
so once we've selected that it should
show up in this box here
and then we simply just want to press
once you press upgrade it's actually
going to give you a status update a
little status bar and once that's
finished the camera will reboot you guys
may lose this ip address or you might
lose the website
it's only going to be temporary just
while the camera reboots so basically
just keep hitting that refresh button
until it comes back up with the login
page once you guys see the login page or
once the camera pops back up on your nvr
you're good to go this procedure is done
and your camera should be fully upgraded
all right guys that's all the info i
have for camera upgrades if you guys
have any questions on this or if you ran
into any obstacles give our tech support
a call we're here monday through friday
to answer any questions you guys have we
can walk you through this if you want i
know it's a little bit complicated
sometimes so we definitely understand if
you guys need some support
i hope everything went smooth for you
guys and you're looking at brand new
upgraded cameras i always appreciate you
guys checking out the channel
and if you guys have any further
please reach out to us we're happy to
answer anything you guys have for us
as always
thank you for checking out monaview like
and subscribe down below it's very much
appreciated and you guys have a great