MTZ8250-AD | 8MP 4K Auto-Tracking Active Deterrence PTZ Camera with 25x Zoom

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4K Resolution

4K resolution (3840x 2160) gives you widescreen ultra high definition images for recordings and for live display via NVR, Mobile, or home computer. High quality 4K recordings ensure you capture features and events in high definition for easy identification. The MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD captures 4K @ 30 frames per second, combined with the PTZ abilities, this camera will be able to capture highly detailed images from a range of distances and angles.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras (referred to as PTZ) are equipped with the ability to rotate the camera around, tilt up and down, and zoom in on objects all via remote control from either the NVR, Computer, or MontavueGO app . The MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD camera has a 360° rotation, 110° tilt, and 25x zoom magnification. It's also equipped with auto-tracking, which uses all of the PTZ abilities to automatically track human and vehicle targets within the perimeter of your location. PTZ cameras can also be set to automatically patrol sections of your property or even react to other cameras being triggered with motion. PTZ is the ultimate form of security camera and can be used in many different scenarios.


The MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD has the ability to perform auto-tracking. Using artifical intelligence, the camera detects if the target is human or vehicle and then will be able to follow that target for an alloted amount of time or until they leave the area. The trigger will send notifications for both types of targets when tracking begins. The track time is customizable up to 300 seconds per event.

Active Deterrence

Equipped with active deterrence lights and siren, the MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD will be able to deter individuals from entering the property. Red & Blue lights will flash upon activation and a siren will be produced from the speaker. The siren is fully customizable with longevity settings and the ability to apply a custom audio file, the camera also comes with pre-recorded speech warnings if the siren is too intense for your situation. Active deterrence can work alongside auto-tracking and dual illumination so that you can use all of the camera's abilites simultaneously.

Two-Way Audio

Using a built-in microphone and speaker, the MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD can perform two-way audio. Designed to be used with the Montavue GO app from your smartphone, through your NVR, or from your computer, you can carry a conversation with whomever is near the camera at the time. Use your SMD 4.0 notifications to see who's there and then proceed to interact with them using the two-way audio feature.

Dual Illumination

Using two built-in warm lights, the MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD will be able to perform dual illumination. This allows the camera to use SMD 4.0 to detect humans and vehicles and then proceed to activate the warm lights which will give the viewer a better color image of the event and the lights will act as an additional active deterrence measure. Dual illumination can be used simultaneously with auto-tracking and active deterrence features and is customizable with brightness and activation settings.

SMD 4.0

Montavue's latest Smart Motion Detect 4.0 detects humans and vehicles to provide more accurate notifications than ever before. SMD 4.0 is the latest generation of smart motion detect ability from Montavue. With a 99% accuracy rate and further recognition distance than ever before, SMD 4.0 is sure to impress with its performance. Built directly into the MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD camera, this uses onboard AI to perform recognition abilities to save your NVRs processing power and AI functionality for other channels that may have better use of it.

Artificial Intelligence

The MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD contains a full list of artificial intelligence features including tripwires, intrusion zone, face detection, abandoned object, fast moving object, parking detection, crowd gathering, missing object, and loitering detection. All of these features can be used with our 4, 5, and 6 series NVRs or if the camera is being used as a standalone device. For more information about AI features, you can view our AI analytics page here.

IR LED Night Vision

The Infrared LED night vision of the MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD has a distance of approximately 164 ft. Since this is infrared light, it will not be visible to humans so you can be assured that your cameras will go undetected if you so choose. With the IR LED night vision, you'll be able to see into pitch black locations and be able to capture accurate details of subjects. This camera does support low light color optics, however, if the sensors determine there is not enough light, they will activate the IR lights.

IP66 Weatherproof

The MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD has IP66 weatherproof protection from the elements. Combined with an all metal exterior, this camera is virtually waterproof and dustproof. It can sustain constant water contact and dust envelopment without having any operational issues. Also featuring a temperature range from -40° F - 158° F this camera is suitable for extreme environments.

MAM305W Wall Mount Included

The MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD includes a MAM305W mount in the package. This is a wall mount intended to allow the camera to hang vertically. This means that the PTZ will have full 360° views and give you some distance from the wall so that you can get the best shot possible. The MAM305 also provides weather protection for the camera's cable which is designed to run through the hollow center of the mount and into the wall where it's mounted. Other mounts that are popular with the MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD include our parapet mount, pole mount, or our corner mount. Be sure to get the necessary adapters and junction boxes that may be needed for these products.

What's Included

  • MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD Camera
  • MAM305W Wall Mount
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection
  • Power Adapter

Specifications for MTZ8250-IR-AISMD-AT-DI-AD

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Customer Reviews

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Great Value

This PTZ is very well priced and it has all features I could think of. Love the auto tracking as well as the siren (which is quite loud!!).

Stanley M
Amazing camera, A+ Visuals, and just all around Astounding Service

Got this camera for my property a couple weeks back and so far it's been fantastic. I did the setup myself and made one quick call to Andy on the tech support line to help me with auto tracking, extremely helpful service. Had to figure out setting up tripwires again but the instruction videos on You tube were a huge help too. Overall Beautiful picture and the auto tracking works fantastic.

Eric S.

Best of the best, no complaints at all with