MTB8110-SMD3-AP-E | 8MP 4K 30FPS Acupick Bullet Camera with ePoE and SMD 3.0

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4K Resolution with EPTZ

The MTB8110-SMD3-AP-E features an 8 Megapixel 1/1.8" CMOS image sensor enabling it to record in Ultra 4K resolution, the large lens also allows more light to enter meaning this camera will be able to provide enchanced color imaging in darker environments. Producing full 4K resolution at 30 frames per second will ensure that your camera will have a clear image and fast moving objects will be sharper and easier to identify. EPTZ (Electronic Pan Tilt Zoom) is a high-resolution function that digitally zooms and pans into portions of the image, with no physical camera movement. This allows the camera to track multiple human/vehicle targets while still viewing and recording the entire space.


Acupick uses deep learning algorithms and works with NVRs to accurately match targets, such as people and motor vehicles, and search through live and recorded videos to quickly locate targets. An example of this technology in use could be someone suspicious was wearing a black sweatshirt, simply select the suspect on any piece of video from a MTB8110 camera on your NVR, Acupick will scan all of your footage from all of your Acupick enabled cameras to find any incidents where that individual appears on video and provide clips of those events. This technology can make combing through hours of footage from multiple channels take merely seconds.

***The Acupick feature on this camera is only supported on the 5 Series AI and 6 Series AI NVRs.
Lite Series NVRs and 4 Series AI NVRs cannot utilize Acupick.

AI Analysis

In addition to Acupick, the MTB8110-SMD3-AP-E has a many more AI features like Face Detection, Heat Map, People Counting, and Perimeter Protection. Face detection will gather specific details about humans that enter the recording area such as gender, race, hair, or even facial expression. The system then categorizes these faces into a database for the user to view. Heat map is great for businesses, this allows the camera to observe where more of the foot traffic goes within the view of the camera throughout the day, this can help establish security protocols or help with making your business more effecient. People counting is also great for businesses or busy areas, this keeps track of how many people are in the area during certain times or how many people have come and gone throughout the day. For more info on AI analytics, click here. For info on perimeter protection, click here.

SMD 3.0

Smart motion detect uses AI recognition to determine if objects moving in front of the camera are human or vehicle. This helps eliminate false notifications, accurately activates the dual illumination, and ensures that all motion recordings are significant and not just a tree blowing in the wind. SMD 3.0 is an advanced version powered by AI within the camera to give you better accuracy from a distance at all times of the day and night.

Smart Sound Detection

Record crystal clear audio with a built-in microphone. Combined with Smart Sound Detection With deep learning algorithms, Montavue Smart Sound Detection technology can detect and identify the sound of screams, glass breaking, and more. Smart sound detection can be coupled with notifications to alert the user upon detecting these sounds to ensure that even if the event is not happening in front of the camera, the system can still warn the user of activity.

Night Color & IR LED Nightvision

Enhanced color night optics are achieved through the use of the larger lens and sensor with the MTB8110-SMD,-AP-E. This allows the camera to produce color images in extremely dark locations, however, in some cases, it may be necessary to employ infrared night vision. The IR LED built into the MTB8110-SMD3-AP-E has a range of 160 ft and can be activated manually, set to automatically activate on a schedule or when the sensor determines an appropriate darkness level. Using either of these technologies will ensure you have detailed images at any time of day.


Using ePoE technology provides an efficient security solution that helps reach large distances using less equipment. Using only one Ethernet cable to span 800 m (2624 ft) without the need for extra PoE switches. ePoE technology delivers immediate cost-savings by reducing the number of devices required to connect each front-end device to the back-end. This ability greatly reduces not only expensive equipment but is more energy efficient with a smaller carbon footprint, ePoE saves about 182.5 kWh of electricity per year per camera. ePoE technology uses advanced modulation to transmit video, data, and power up to 800 m (2624 ft) at 10 Mbps via a single CAT5E cable between an IP camera and a PoE switch or NVR.

IP67 Weatherproof

Constructed with a strong aluminum metal body, the MTB8110-SMD3-AP-E is also IP67 weatherproof rated, this means it can be subjected to constant moisture and dust contact and even withstand high pressure water jets. Combined with an operating temperatue range of -40°F to 140°F, this camera is capable of being used in nearly any environment.

What's Included

  • MTB8110-SMD3-AP-E Camera (White)
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection

***The Acupick feature on this camera is only supported on the 5 Series AI and 6 Series AI NVRs.
Lite Series NVRs and 4 Series AI NVRs cannot utilize Acupick.

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Customer Reviews

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Pierre D
A+ camera

This is a stellar camera. Works indoors and out, has the AI functions we need and works with our NVR. Will be purchasing more

Paul Kerr
Worth the Money

It's no secret this camera costs a bit more, but what you get is well worth it. The 4K30fps looks great and the Acupick is very cool. It's great to see these AI developments make their way onto consumer systems.