MTT8113-V-AISMD | 8MP 4K Varifocal Turret Security Camera with Smart Motion Detection

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4K Resolution

4K resolution (3840 x 2160) gives you wide screen high definition images for recordings and for live display via NVR or home computer. High quality 4K recordings ensure you capture identifying features and events in the best quality possible. The MTT8113-V-AISMD captures 4K at 20 frames per second with a 113° field of view when fully zoomed out, this produces clear video with a wide field of view but gives the user the ability to narrow that by using the vari-focal feature on this camera.

Vari-focal Lens

By using an adjustable vari-focal lens, the MTT8113-V-AISMD can be employed to identify more distant objects while also being able to maintain a wide field of view if necessary. Starting at a 113° FOV the lens can actually enlarge itself by 5x in order to magnify the background, this reduces the field of view dramatically down to 31° but gives you a clearer view of those distant locations. The user can zoom in on their live feed at any point using their Montavue NVR or by accessing the camera from the MontavueGO mobile or computer app.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection refers to the use of either the tripwire or intrusion functions of the MTT8113-V-AISMD. These are powerful AI tools that allow the user to create digital boundries within the camera's view, if a human or vehicle crosses these boundries, an event occurs. During this event the user can be informed via MontavueGO that there's been a crossing by human or vehicle, PTZ cameras can be notified and engaged, or a special recording event can be triggered. Perimeter protection ensures your property stays guarded 24/7 and is ready to alert whenever necessary.


Smart motion detect uses AI recognition to determine if objects in view of the camera are human or vehicle. This helps eliminate false motion notifications to your MontavueGO app and accurately ensures that all motion recordings are significant and not just a tree blowing in the wind. SMD+ has a 98% accuracy rate from within 30 ft for vehicles and 20 ft for humans. Human/vehicle recognition can be enhanced by using the vari-focal zoom on the MTT8113-V-AISMD which can greatly extend these recognition distances and accuracy.

Built-In Microphone

Audio recording can be just as important as your video. With a built-in directional microphone, the MTT8113-V-AISMD will record clear audio specifically from the location that it's facing. Directional microphone recording focuses on what's in view and can help block out unwanted background noise like traffic or airplanes overhead. The audio detection feature can be used to identify activity even if there's nothing in view of the camera.

IR LED Lights with 130ft Range

The MTT8113-V-AISMD features 2 IR lights giving it a total range of 130ft. Infrared is invisible to the human eye but can be seen by the camera as a black and white image. Infrared LEDs can see through absolute darkness and can help your cameras keep an eye on the furthest and darkest regions of your property. Activation of the IR lights will automatically be controlled from the camera's sensors based on the amount of light available in the area.

IP67 Weather Protection

The Ingress Protection rating (IP) refers to the amount of waterproofing an electronic device has. Built to withstand high pressure water jets, constant contact with moisture, and even prevent dust from entering, the MTB8113-V-AISMD carries an IP67 designation. This is one of the highest attainable weather resistance ratings and guarentees you can place this camera in some of the harshest environments and it will remain 100% operational. Combined with a temperature rating from -22° F to 140° F you can be assured this camera will work for nearly any scenario.

What's Included

  • MTT8113-V-AISMD Camera
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection

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Rick Lane
Varifocal With AI

Great to finally have a varifocal camera with human detection. Great camera!!