MTB4-ANPR-VF | 4MP 2K ANPR License Plate Recognition Camera

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License Plate Recognition

The MTB4-ANPR-VF features 2K resolution at 30 frames per second with a slightly narrow 40° field of view. The license plate reading technology recognizes vehicle types, vehicle signs, vehicle color, vehicle plate, vehicle without plate. Recognizes 10 vehicle types: Large Bus, Heavy Truck, Medium Truck, Sedan, Van, Light Truck, Medium Bus, SUV, MPV, Pickup. Recognizes 12 colors: Grey, black, white, silver, blue, green, purple, red, orange, pink, brown, and yellow. Recognizes 147 vehicle logos. It has a built-in signal port, data port, communication port and remote controllers assist in controlling external devices such as entry and exit barriers.

Active Deterrence

The MTB4-ANPR-VF is equipped with a red/blue active deterrence light located just on the underside of the camera, this light strobes when activated. Combined with the ability to trigger a siren from the speaker, the LPR camera becomes an extremely effective active deterrence camera. Active deterrence triggering can be set specifically to activate when humans or vehicles are detected, this ensures you do not have false alarms or unwanted disturbances. Custom siren audio files can be applied to this camera.

IR LEDs and Warm Lights

The MTB4-ANPR-VF contains 4x warm lights, these lights reach to about 100 ft, are easily adjustable, and can be set to trigger along with the active deterrence lights by the user. The license plate reading camera also has 100 ft of infrared LED night vision. The IR LEDs automatically activate by light sensors and are also adjustable by the user. License plate reading abilities are still extremely effective with infrared with accurate reading distances up to 100 ft at night.

NVR Integration

Used as a standalone camera, the MTB4-ANPR-VF can be accessed through a web browser for full functionality, however, this camera also integrates into the Montavue AI NVR systems. This gives you the benefit of a live display of license plates alongside your other cameras from your network, NVR AI smart search, HDD recording, and AI powered playback.


Varifocal Zoom

With a motorized lens, the MTB4-ANPR-VF has the power to zoom in up to 5x magnification. With a starting field of view of 40°, this narrows it down to a slimming 17° when fully zoomed in. This gives you greater clarity of distant objects at the cost of peripheral views. Full zoomed in, the MTB4-ANPR-VF has the ablity to read license plates up to 133 ft and have vehicle human recognition up to 233 ft. Easily adjust the zoom levels from the camera interface, NVR, or remotely with the MontavueGO app.

Two-Way Audio

Combine the built-in mic with the powerful loudspeaker for two-way audio. Use MontavueGO, NVR, or Montavue PC to easily communicate with subjects on camera. The microphone is directional, meaning you'll hear the best sound that's occuring in front of the camera and distant ambient noises will be cut out. Equipped with a speaker that can be heard from all around, you can be sure that your voice will reach anyone near the camera's location.

IP67 & IK10

The MTB4-ANPR-VF has a weatherpoof rating of IP67 and a vandal resistant rating of IK10. These ratings are some of the highest achievable in commercially available surveillance cameras, so you can be assured that no moisture, dust, or physical damage will be an issue for your camera. The MTB4-ANPR-VF has an operational temperature range from -23° F to 149° F

What's Included

  • Built-In Junction Box
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection

***This camera is best suited for use with the 4 Series AI, 5 Series AI, and 6 Series AI NVRs. The Lite Series NVRs lack the essential AI Search features needed to save license plates and other vehicle information.

Specifications for the MTB4-ANPR-VF

Montavue MTB4-ANPR-VF 4MP ANPR License Plate Recognition Camera

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
M. White
Cool Camera

This is a great addition to our system. We use it to monitor cars pulling in to our lot. Keeps track of all the relevant information for cars coming in.

Best Camera for License Plates

This is by far the best camera I've used to capture license plates. The setup was surprisingly easy, it started capturing plates as soon as I connected it to my NVR. The text it captures is very accurate. I've been using it for a few months now and haven't noticed it miss any of the cars entering our lot.