Security camera mounted to the wall with a junction box

What is a Security Camera Junction Box?

When installing security cameras outdoors most people look for a camera that is IP67 rated. This ensures that the camera can stand up to rain and temperature fluctuations. While this ensures that the camera itself will stand up to the elements it does little to ensure that the cameras cable connections are protected. This is where a security camera junction box comes in. A security camera junction box is a metal structure that your camera will be mounted too to house your cameras cable connections. This provides protection for your cameras cables from not only the elements but potential vandalism as well. Continue reading to learn what the advantages are of using security camera junction boxes.


Why Should I Purchase a Junction Box for My Security Camera?

Prevent corrosion and electrical shorts

While our cameras come with a water-resistant connector. This does not mean they are waterproof. Moisture can still creep in and corrode the ethernet connection and ultimately short out your camera. This is especially true in areas that get a lot of rainfall and/or when the connections are left exposed to the elements. Purchasing and installing a waterproof junction box will help prevent this type of failure as your connections will be contained within the waterproof box.

Prevent vandalism

When cables are left exposed it makes it very easy for a criminal to simply cut your cables. Once the connection is severed the camera will no longer be recording and the criminals can go about their business without worrying about being recorded. Installing a metal junction box will make it much more difficult as they will have to physically remove the camera from the junction box to gain access to the cables. Another useful feature of junction boxes is the ability to run metal conduit directly into the junction box. This is great when you need to run your cables on the outside of a building. You can pull your cable through a metal conduit and connect the conduit directly to the junction box. This way none of your cables are exposed further reducing the possibility of someone cutting your camera's cable.

Simplify installation

Using a waterproof junction box will help simplify your installation. When using a junction box the larger bulky connector can stay tucked in the junction box and you don't need to drill a larger hole and try to stuff the large connection back in the wall or soffit. You also don't need to worry about trying to drill holes in the correct position to attach the camera as each camera has a junction box to perfectly fit your camera mount.


Another lesser benefit of installing junction boxes on your cameras is how your cameras look on your building. Using a junction box will make your installation look much more professional. Rather than having a bunch of cable hanging from your camera and all around your building, your cables will be tucked neatly away in the junction box and your cable contained in metal conduits.



Security camera junction boxes are always worth the small investment considering the cost of having to replace a damaged or vandalized camera. Montavue offers a junction box for every camera we sell to help ensure your security system enjoys a long life. Purchasing a junction box for each of your security cameras will not only provide better reliability for your surveillance system but they will also help prevent vandals or would be criminals from disabling your cameras. You can see all of the junction boxes that we offer by clicking here