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Video Recording Requirements for Licensed Marijuana Facilities

The legalization of Marijuana for recreational use in Oregon has created a thriving industry of both large and small Marijuana retailers and manufacturers. However, businesses both large and small must comply with Oregon's laws pertaining to video surveillance and video recording. These laws are the same no matter the size of your business and if you are not familiar with surveillance equipment then meeting these requirements can be a challenging task. That's why we here at Montavue have tried to simplify the process by laying out what the rules are and suggesting products that will help ensure you meet the state's guidelines. Continue reading below to see how Montavue can help you stay in compliance with the OLCC no matter what size your Marijuana business is.

Security cameras for marijuana manufacturers and dispensaries is mandatory In Oregon if you wish to keep your establishment in good standing with the OLCC. Oregon Administrative Rule OAR 845-025-1450, from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), requires that Cannabis dispensaries maintain a fully operational video surveillance recording system.

Camera Resolution and Frame Rate Requirements

From OAR 845-025-1450 section 2.

In limited access and consumer sales areas, you must use cameras that record at a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 px and record at 10 fps (frames per second)In exterior perimeter and areas on the licensed premises that are not limited access areas, use cameras that record at a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 px and record at least 5 fps, except where coverage overlaps any limited access areas such as entrances or exits and in those overlap areas cameras must record at 10 fps; You must also use cameras that are capable of recording in all lighting conditions.


Solutions from Montavue

All of our security cameras will meet and/or exceed this requirement. Our MTB4102 bullet and MTD4102 dome cameras have 4MP image sensors with a maximum resolution of 2688 x 1520 px. Which greatly exceeds the 1280 x 720 requirement. Both of these cameras can also record up to 30 frames per second at full resolution which also exceeds the state's requirements. Click on one of the images below to learn more about these security cameras

Recording and Storage Requirements

From OAR 845-025-1450 section 1 and 2

A licensee must have cameras that continuously record, 24 hours a day. They must also keep surveillance recordings, except for off-site backup recordings for a minimum of 90 calendar days for licenses issued or renewed after August 31, 2016, and 30 calendar days for licenses issued prior to August 31, 2016. The cameras must have the date and time embedded on all surveillance recordings without significantly
obscuring the picture.


Solutions from Montavue

All of our Network Video Recorders are capable of recording 24 hours per day. So meeting this requirement is no problem. To meet the storage requirements we recommend purchasing our 32 Channel NVR. This NVR has 4 hard drive bays that can accept up to a 10TB surveillance grade hard drive to give you a total of 40 TB of storage internally. Additionally, the 32 Channel has an Esata port which will allow you to attach additional storage to meet your storage requirements. Our cameras also use H.265 video compression which can reduce storage requirements up to 50% when compared to H.264 compression. And since our cameras greatly exceed the resolution and frame rate requirements you can also reduce the resolution and frame rate of your cameras if needed to meet these storage requirements and stay within your budget. If you are not sure how much storage you need you can use a storage estimator like the Western Digital Surveillance Storage Estimator. This will help you decide how much storage you will need for the number of cameras you have/need.

Areas That Are Required to Have Cameras

From OAR 845-025-1450 section 1

A licensee must have cameras in all areas where mature marijuana plants, immature marijuana plants, usable marijuana, cannabinoid concentrates, extracts or products may be present on the licensed premises and all points of ingress and egress to and from areas where mature marijuana plants, immature marijuana plants, usable marijuana, cannabinoid concentrates, extracts or products are present.


Solutions from Montavue

To meet this requirement you will need to have cameras that can work well both indoors and outdoors. The majority of our cameras including the MTB4102 and MTD4102 are IP67 rated for use outdoors. However, you may also want to consider purchasing a Vandal Proof camera such as the MTD4102. Security cameras are often the target of vandals especially when they are placed outdoors. The MTD4102 has an IK10 rating meaning that it is highly resistant to impacts. It is also a 4MP 2K camera that can record at 30 frames per second to meet the resolution and frame rate requirements. This will help ensure that your facility is always secured even when someone tries to disable your camera. You may also want to invest in a UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Source) which will continue to power your security system in the event that you lose power to your facility. Click the image below to learn more about the MTD4102 Vandal Resistant security camera.

Getting Everything You Need

Here at Montavue, we understand there are a lot of choices when it comes to surveillance systems which can sometimes be overwhelming. We encourage you to reach out to us by phone or email so we can assist you in choosing the system that will meet your needs. We can create custom packages tailored to your specific needs in addition to providing pre-packaged systems. Below are a few pre-packaged systems that we recommend. Of course, in order to meet the storage requirements, you will need to purchase additional storage with any of the systems listed below. We also offer Free U.S. based technical support so when you get ready to set up your new surveillance system we can assist you with any questions or issues you may have.