MTZ4250 & MTZ8250  PTZ Info Video x25 zoom, 300+ IR Nightvision, 4k Auto-tracking, and Smart Detect - Montavue
Video Transcription
hey guys welcome back to Montavue today
i'm going to be going over the mtz 4250
as well as the mtz 8250 both of these
are going to be ptz cameras with the
ability to rotate 360 degrees
also tilt 90 degrees
and then of course the z zoom they can
zoom in up to 25 times magnification
so a few basics about these cameras uh
the biggest difference here the 4250 is
going to be 4 megapixel or the
equivalent to 2k resolution
and the 8250 is going to be 8 megapixel
in the equivalent to 4k resolution also
mtz 8250 the 4k version will also come
with auto tracking built into the
this is the ability for the camera to
follow a target
after they have set off some sort of
and it follows that person or vehicle
for a set amount of time depending on
what the user has added into the system
or of course until the subject leaves
the area and the camera can no longer
see them
one thing to keep in mind here is the
4250 is going to have about 330 feet of
night vision
so in comparison that is an entire
football field
and that is when you get your classic
black and white ir night vision but uh
that is only if it just absolutely
cannot see
with the available light that it has
outside so pretty much any time after
dusk if there's no street lights
available it's going to kick on those
night vision lights and be able to see
330 feet
so the 8250 this guy can go 500 feet
with its iron night vision
it can easily cover an entire football
field and then some
so again this would be used for any
large area like a ranch farm
parking lot
really anything you guys come up with
but they are best used in large areas so
the field of view for these guys when
they're fully zoomed out is going to be
about 62 degrees
and that of course is fully zoomed out
and the reason that it's much more
narrow than some of our other fixed
angle cameras is because these ptzs are
meant to be set further away from where
everything's happening so when this
camera is fully zoomed in
25 times zoom you're looking at a 3.6
degree field of view
both cameras also come with the
mam305w wall mount this allows you to
pop this onto any kind of wall
and then of course the camera then sits
upside down in the slot there and hangs
so then it's got the full rotation and
it's got the ability to tilt and look
pretty much straight at the ground or
wherever you guys have
stuff going on
so again that comes with the camera so
no need to buy that on extra it's just
going to come in the box
in addition to that
the 8250 will also come with a power
now keep in mind that this is not
necessary to plug in it's just an
additional item that we include
and that's because these guys take a ton
of power
so we definitely don't recommend having
more than a few of these on a single nvr
without either a power adapter or
possibly adding what's called a poe
basically there's there's only so much
power that the nvr has to give out to
its ports and so if you have too many of
these guys hooked up directly to an nvr
they can sometimes drain the nvr and uh
it just pretty much causes a little bit
of problems from there on so
keep in mind you can only have a few of
these on nbr and then if you want to
have any additional ones you either got
to use power adapters or you have to use
poe switches obviously you guys can tell
these cameras are pretty large compared
to the rest of them that we have in our
so they are quite heavy so you need to
have that in mind when your guys are
thinking about where to mount these um
they weigh about 15 pounds for the ntz
and the mtz 8250 weighs about 17-18
pounds so they are they are quite large
so just keep that in mind when you're
thinking about places to put these they
each have a micro sd card slot this
means that you can attach a micro sd
card to the camera and it will record
to that micro sd card as well as your
nvr so if you guys want more information
on how that works check out our micro sd
card video it'll tell you all the
information you guys would need to know
about that alright so the last thing i
want to mention for these cameras is
going to be the ai and the smd features
so for the mtz 4250 we do have
aismd built in this stands for
artificial intelligence smart motion
basically it's the ability for the
camera to differentiate
between humans and vehicles versus
everything else that's moving on the
this is helpful for eliminating false
notifications and this way it's only
going to alert you if it detects humans
or vehicles in the presence of the
camera and everything else will still be
detected but it's not going to bug you
while you're at work
the mtz 8250 this has just ai artificial
intelligence still does the same thing
but it is only going to pertain to the
trip wires
but you guys are going to end up using
the trip wires for the
auto tracking anyways and so
99 of people wouldn't even use the smart
motion set anyway so
artificial intelligence for the 8250 and
then of course we got ai and smd for the
so guys that is all the information i
have on these cameras again that is the
mtz 4250 and the mtz8250
these cameras sell out really really
quickly every time we get them we try to
keep a ton of them in stock but no
matter what we do we always seem to sell
out so
if they are available at this time which
i believe at the time of making this
video we do have some in stock in the
get them while you can
if not they will be available for
and typically people don't have to wait
more than a couple months for them to
come back in once they're on the
pre-order list
um yeah but you know while we have them
available get them while you can don't
so if you guys have any further
questions about these cameras or any
other cameras in the monavie lineup of
course give our tech support a call
we're here monday through friday for you
guys eight to five that's mountain
standard time because we are in montana
and uh any questions you guys have
little or big
we're happy to answer anything you guys
have for us so
as always thank you for joining us here
at monaview i'm going to be having more
videos like this come out in the next
weeks and months so stay tuned and
thanks guys for joining us have a good