Montavue 4K Outdoor Security Camera Overview (MTT8105 & MTB8105) 4K @ 15FPS - Montavue
Video Transcription
hey guys welcome back to Montavue today
i'm going to be going over the 8105
camera lineup which includes the mtt
8105 turret camera as well as the mtb
8105 bullet camera now both of these
cameras have some similar specs here and
that is that they are both 4k resolution
maxing out at 15 frames per second
however it is possible to reduce that
resolution to 2k and have these work at
30 frames per second now the difference
between 30 frames per second for our
typical 4k cameras and 15
sounds like a lot it's half but in
reality when you look at it in a demo
like we see here there's actually not
too much of a difference and it's fairly
negligible for most applications
now we are recommending these cameras
for home or residential use primarily
however these would be perfectly
suitable for any commercial purposes as
well a couple other specs here they are
ip67 rated which means they are
waterproof and dust proof
and they have operating temperatures
ranging from negative 40 degrees
fahrenheit all the way up to 131 degrees
fahrenheit so they can pretty much take
any kind of climate or temperature you
can throw at them a couple other
features these cameras have are going to
be infrared night vision all the way up
to 98 feet realistically though you guys
are probably going to be able to
uh cars and humans from about 70 feet
but the splash from the infrared
technically does reach about 98 to 100
feet in addition to the ir night vision
of 98 feet both of these cameras also
feature starlight
now what starlight is in a nutshell is a
camera's ability to render a night image
in color
using third-party lights whatever's
so there does need to be some sort of uh
external light going on whether that is
really bright moonlight uh street lamp
or maybe a floodlight attached to the
house but if any of that third-party
light is available it generally will
mean that this camera can render that
image in color rather than switching
over to its black and white infrared so
this can help with identification for
cars clothing
and lots of other benefits there the
lens is capable of a 105 degree field of
view this makes sure you're going to
cover all of your peripherals and you're
not going to miss anything both models
contain an sd card slot for a micro sd
card located on the bottom for the
bullet camera
and for the turret it's on the back of
the orb section
and that allows you to put in a micro sd
card to each camera to act as a
redundant recording uh in case your nvr
is stolen or damaged a couple specs that
are unique to each model now we do have
the turret camera that has a microphone
built in for audio recording so if
that's something that's really important
to your certain scenario then the turret
camera would be likely the one you want
to go with in this one
the bullet camera does not have a
and aesthetically you'll notice that it
does stick out from the wall a little
bit more so ideally you would want to
use the bullet camera for outdoor and
for more of an intimidation factor
because it's more visible from further
away in contrast to that the turret
camera is smaller it's a little bit more
incognito so if you want these cameras
to be more hidden and out of the way you
would probably want to go with a turret
camera these are also really great for
indoors not very noticeable and
of course they do audio other than that
primarily they do have most of the same
specs as far as their image quality and
all that are all the same
uh the bullet camera
notedly comes in a black model as well
whereas the turret camera we are only
going to have that available in white
these cameras are also going to be
compatible with any mountain view nvr
from our 4 channel all the way to our 32
regardless of what you guys have these
are going to work for it okay that is
all i've got for the 8105 lineup again
that is the mtt 8105 and the mtb 8105
these are available right now
in packages or you can purchase these
cameras separate
if you guys have any further questions
on these cameras feel free to call tech
support we're happy to answer any
questions you guys have
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so thanks for choosing one of you guys
have a good day