Dome camera mounted on a pole outside

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) is a new technology that we have incorporated into our IP network security cameras. IVS helps you catch the most important moments on your video surveillance system, without always watching live. The IVS features include tripwire, intrusion, abandoned object, missing object, scene change, face detection, and PTZ auto tracking.

IVS - Tripwire

The Tripwire feature, which is installed on all of our cameras is a more enhanced version of capturing movement versus having overall motion detection. With the Tripwire feature you can draw a line across a window, door, garage door, or any area you want to be alerted when the line is crossed. These cameras are equipped with virtual tripwires that you can draw on the camera’s video, and set trigger alerts such as emails, push notifications, alarms, etc.

IVS - Intrusion

The Intrusion feature is similar to the Tripwire feature, however you can draw any shape you would like with lines. When the camera detects motion crossing the line of the shape, it will alarm, send snapshot, notification, email, etc. This feature is great parking lots, warehouses, places where you don’t want people to intrude, etc. For example, in a jewelry store they may have a high-risk area where only certain people are admitted, you draw a shape around that area and anytime someone or something enters that area motion will be detected, therefore alerting alarm, sending snapshot, push notification, email, etc.

IVS - Abandoned Object

The Abandoned Object feature is a perfect Intelligent Video Surveillance feature for airports, bus depots, train stations, or any area where you don’t want things left unattended. This feature allows you to draw a shape, which is the area you want to monitor for “drop offs” or abandoned objects. When an unattended object is placed in that area for a specified amount of time, it will send an alert. For example, at airports you can’t leave unattended luggage laying around. If the airport sets that feature they would be able to detect a piece of luggage that has been unattended for the specified amount of time.

*not available on all cameras

IVS - Missing Object

The Missing Object feature is perfect for monitoring objects that you don’t want to go missing. This feature is perfect for museums, warehouses, or stores where there is valuable objects. To use this feature, draw a shape around an object that you want to be notified about if it moves. For example, a museum with a high valued artifact, the museum could draw a shape around that object and if it were to be moved the system would alert, take a snapshot, send a notification and email.

*not available on all cameras

IVS - Scene Change

Scene Change is an important feature of IVS. This feature alerts you if the scene the camera is viewing changes. For example, an intruder moving the camera, or covering it. If the camera senses the scene changes you will be notified via snapshot email, push notification, alarm, etc. Scene Change can be used with any of the other IVS features. Important to note that you can’t use the other features together.

*not available on all cameras

IVS - Face Detection

The Face Detection feature is to detect and alert if any human faces appear in the video. With this you can set targets and filters to detect faces. If a face is detected, it can activate an alarm, email, and snapshot according to your requirements.

*not available on all cameras

IVS - PTZ Auto Tracking

PTZ auto tracking turns manually controlled PTZ’s into automated tracking systems that keep moving objects in focus and centered on the video. With an equipped PTZ camera the PTZ auto tracking will follow the object, whereas stationary cameras lose sight of the object when it is outside the fixed cameras field of view.

*not available on all PTZ’s