Install Cameras Over Extreme Ranges with ePoE

What is PoE?

As anyone with a security system knows, hardwired connections are superior to wireless connections. Hard-wired connections are more stable, secure, and consistent, while not requiring changing pesky batteries. PoE systems, such as the ones we have at Montavue, are especially great since they only require a single cable run to each camera. Some users, however, may run into issues at extended ranges. This is where Extended Power over Ethernet (ePoE) comes into play.

How is ePoE different from PoE?


ePoE is an exciting new technology that uses 2D-PAM3 encoding to transmit data and power over much greater distances than traditional PoE. While traditional PoE has a range cap of approximately 330 feet for both data throughput and power transmission, ePoE greatly extends this. By utilizing ePoE with a compatible camera, such as the MTT8112 or MTT4097, the range can be extended up to 2,625 feet with 13 watts of power, more than enough to power most cameras.


Table of ePoE Power Delivery by Range

When is ePoE useful?


ePoE is useful in many situations. One such situation is a farm or large property, where a traditional PoE setup would require injectors or switches along the run to ensure a stable connection; an ePoE install would be able to accomplish this in a single run. Another situation would be a parking lot or other open area where a multi-cable setup with auxiliary power input may not be feasible or practical, at the very least it would be much more cumbersome. There are lots of ways in which ePoE expands the possible types of installs of network cameras, and we’re excited to see these limitations addressed. 


ePoE can Replace up to 8 switches with a single cable

Beyond allowing for these new types of installations, ePoE also enhances a broader selection of install types by simplifying network construction and maintenance; thus reducing overall costs. This is all possible with the same cat5e, cat6, or cat6e cables our systems are already designed for - so retrofitting existing cabling is a breeze.

ePoE is also a green technology. By eliminating unnecessary injectors and auxiliary power units, we can also reduce power consumption and provide a more eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.


Overall Enhanced Power over Ethernet allows installations that up until now have been difficult or impossible, it simplifies network construction and maintenance which helps reduce cost, all while being more environmentally friendly.