Woman in orange safety vest and hard hat using a tablet

Surveillance cameras are an integral part of many businesses. They can deter criminals as well as keep an eye on employees and ensure safety protocols are followed.  Additionally, when something does happen you will have footage that will help with process improvement and catching criminals. Our security cameras also have many advanced features such as tripwire, intrusion, abandoned object and missing object. These surveillance features can be very useful in different situations.  Missing Object Detection is arguably one of the most valuable of the features for warehouses and storage spaces. Having this feature on your security cameras can save your business millions of dollars in lost or stolen inventory every year.


The missing object feature available on most Montavue surveillance cameras does exactly what its name says. It will allow the security camera to detect when an object is removed from an area in the cameras view that you define. When an object is removed from this area an alarm is triggered and the event is recorded. Additionally, you can receive an alert on your smartphone using our free MontavueGo software. This will allow you to immediately be notified of the event as well as view the recorded footage of the event. In the video on the right, you can see exactly how this feature works as well as how to configure this setting on your own Montavue Surveillance system.

As you can see there is an object placed inside the detection area of the security camera. Once the object is removed from the surveillance area the blue box flashes red indicating that the object is missing. This can be very useful in a warehouse environment where there are a lot of items stored and something may go unnoticed for some time. And if you don't have the ability to save months of video footage from your surveillance system then it is likely that you won't have any video of the event when you finally discover that something is missing.


The Missing Object Feature is extremely useful for monitoring areas with large amounts of inventory or expensive equipment that is in secluded areas and can be easily taken without anyone noticing. Warehouses can benefit the most from using the Missing object feature. Most warehouses and storage units don't have the budget to hire private security guards to monitor their inventory overnight. This makes them prime targets for thieves. This is especially true for warehouses that store electronics such as computers, laptops, ipads, and tv's because these items can be easily carried and are easy to sell without attracting too much attention. This feature can also catch and prevent employee theft which according to the 2017 Hiscox embezzlement study costs businesses $1 million a year! This is even more prevalent in busy crowded warehouses where a small item may go unnoticed.  

As you can see the Missing Object Feature is a very useful tool and can save your business millions of dollars in lost or stolen inventory.  Furthermore being able to be notified the instant something goes missing can greatly reduce police response times and exponentially increase the chances of catching the thieves and retrieving the stolen items.  If you currently have security cameras monitoring your warehouse and you don't have this feature you should definitely look into upgrading. A moderate investment in your security system now can save you millions down the road. Montavue offers many different affordable security cameras that have this feature.