Adding a Second Monitor to your NVR - Montavue
Video Transcription
hey guys welcome back to monaview today
in this video we will be showing you how
to add a second monitor to your Monte
view NVR now keep in mind this is mostly
going to pertain to those of you that
have an 8 16 and 32 channel pro series
NVR because those are capable of
producing two Unique Images to two
separate monitors for those of you
without a pro series NVR you can do two
screens but keep in mind it will be a
redundant image and whatever's on your
main screen will also appear on your
so getting into it we will need a couple
things first of all we'll need cables we
need an HDMI cable this will be used to
do a 4K display to your main screen from
your MBR
next we're going to use a VGA cable for
your sub screen this maxes out at 1080p
resolution it's a bit more old school so
you want to make sure that your monitor
also has a reciprocating input for VGA
if not we also have the capability of
doing an adapter I'll link in the
description below but you guys can check
out what's on Amazon it's like 10 bucks
for an adapter so if your guys's monitor
only has an HDMI there's an easy VGA to
HDMI adapter that you guys can buy for
your guys's main screen you're going to
want to make sure that it is a 4K
display I see a lot some people buy
1080P and then they complain about the
resolution well these cameras are 4K
which means they also need a 4K display
in order to have their maximum
capability so for your guys's main
screen make sure it's a 4K screen it has
an HDMI plug-in in the back and then
your sub screen can be a 1080p with a
VGA on the back so first of course we
want to plug in our HDMI to our main
screen and then we want to plug in our
VGA to our sub screen
the VGA is a little bit weird it's got
these two screws so you want to make
sure it's kind of tightened in there and
once we have that we're ready to jump on
the MVR and go over to the main menu for
the software side of things
all right guys I'd like to do a little
disclaimer here the device I use to
record the nvrs for this portion only
allows 1080p recording and so the
display capability that you're seeing
now is not representative of the full
capability of our Montague cameras just
wanted to get that out of the way so now
that we're on the NVR I'd like you guys
to head over to the main menu and we're
going to go from there
we need to get to the display page so
we're going to click on the little white
Arrow just above storage
and it's going to take us to the second
page and we're going to click on display
once we're in display we're going to see
main screen and sub screen so you guys
can adjust some settings for your main
screen but that should be already good
to go all right we're going to look over
at sub screen first off we want to
enable it
then we want to choose VGA for you 32
Channel users if you're using that
second HDMI you're going to choose HDMI
and then we're going to choose our
resolution again the vga's output
maximum is 1080P and finally we're going
to enable encoding once we have all
those options turned on and set up we're
going to hit apply in the bottom right
corner once you guys hit apply it'll
actually take you back to the live
screen and your second screen should now
be displaying some cameras
so in this next portion we're going to
show you guys how to arrange which
cameras you want to see on that second
screen to do that you want to right
click we're going to choose sub screen
at the bottom of this list and that's
going to move your cursor over to that
second screen so that we're now
controlling that interface
go ahead and right click from here and
you'll notice that you have all the
different layouts
view one that is a full screen view of
whichever camera you choose view 4 is
going to be the quad View and then of
course depending on which NVR you have
you're going to have view 8 16 or 32. so
once you've chosen how you want your
second camera to be and you like the
layout how it looks go ahead and right
click and then you're going to choose
main screen that's going to send your
mouse back to the main screen you're
going to hit OK once you get there and
now you guys are set up completely for
your sub screen if you ever want to
change it again just make sure you come
back to the screen right click choose
subscreen and that'll allow you to go
edit that
now for you specific users you want to
maybe see other cameras set up on that
second screen that might not be one
through four or five through eight now
there is a little trick to doing this
and we're going to show you right now
so first we need to go back to the
display screen so we're going to go to
the main menu we're going to go to that
second page choose display
and this time we're going to choose tour
setting so the original purpose of tour
setting is to actually rotate your
cameras on the different views so that
you can kind of cycle through a large
number of cameras however we are
actually going to trick and manipulate
tour setting in order to set up the
exact cameras what we want to see on the
sub screen
so in order to do that it's a little bit
weird is we have to actually eliminate
the other views that we don't want so
you're going to see me go through view 9
view 8 and view 4 and view one and I'm
going to uncheck or delete all of those
so for this example I want cameras one
three four and five set up in a quad
view on my second screen
so under subscreen I'm going to
eliminate all those other views
I'm going to then set up a custom view
under view 4 and I'm going to set up
cameras one three four and five just
like this
and then I'm going to make sure that
that is the only one available that is
checked finally again because we're
manipulating a tour system we want to
make the interval as much as we can so
we're going to do 120 seconds
finally I'm going to enable it and then
we're going to hit apply
and so now you guys can see my subscreen
shows channels one three four and five
it's going to refresh every two minutes
but that just means the cameras are
still recording it's just refreshing
what's actually on the screen and should
only take about half a second so it's
not really that detrimental to your
all right guys that's all I've got for
adding a second monitor to your Montague
NVR if you guys have any questions about
this process or anything else Montague
related give our tech support a call we
are here Monday through Friday to answer
any questions you guys have as always I
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