Montavue 12MP Fisheye Camera - Montavue
Video Transcription
hey guys welcome back to monoview today
in this video we're going to be talking
about our brand new 12 megapixel fisheye
now compare this to our original 5
megapixel fisheye camera this is a big
improvement over the last model
so 12 megapixel that is the equivalent
to 4k resolution that is the highest
resolution of any of our cameras that we
have and what that's going to do for you
guys especially with the fisheye d warp
coming into play is it's going to give
you much crisper and clearer views of
those further distant objects
so in addition to the higher resolution
it's also got ip67 ratings which means
this camera can go outside in the
harshest environments it is weatherproof
sandproof dustproof you name it
it also has an ik rating of 10. this is
the same as our dome cameras
so not only is it weatherproof but it's
vandal proof as well
and with its low profile and its sturdy
nature this thing is fully metal and
it's going to be
really difficult to take down with that
ik10 rating as well as the small body
this is probably one of the best cameras
you guys can get if you live in a high
crime area and are worried about people
taking down your stuff this thing is the
ultimate in addition to those features
it also has an infrared night vision of
33 feet so it's going to be able to see
in a complete radius around where for
the fish eye can see
you're going to be able to get a splash
of that infrared and be able to cut
through the darkness perfectly
it also has two-way audio so we have a
microphone built into this guy as well
as a speaker so you guys can have a
conversation with whoever's on camera
and in addition to that it's also going
to feature a siren so if you guys see
something or you can set up your trip
wires to activate so when someone
crosses a the tripwire siren goes off
hopefully scares them away a lot like
our active deterrence cameras
you can also put custom audio on there
and we have pre-built saying so the
siren is a little too much for you guys
there are some alternative options there
so in addition to all of that
it also has ai functionality now it's
not going to do the human vehicle
recognition like some of our other
cameras however it is going to be able
to do people counting
trip wires
heat map
what heat map does is it allows you to
keep track of where and when people have
been on camera and so it kind of keeps
track of the locations that people
gravitate to the most
while they're in view of this
people counter exactly what it like
sounds like um
basically it's going to be able to keep
track of everyone that's walked through
a tripwire and it's going to be able to
tally up the amount of people that have
come through in a given amount of time
now because this fisheye is so advanced
it's mostly the high resolution this is
only going to be mainly applicable for
the professional series nvrs
so if you guys are not using a pro
series nvr and you can still use this
camera just keep in mind the resolution
may need to be degraded slightly
and some of the dework features won't be
available on the nvr interface
now good news is though is that the
dewarping features are still available
on the monteview go mobile application
as well as monteview go desktop
so regardless of what type of nvr you
guys have the dewarping features on our
applications will still be there for all
of you to use
those of you with pro series nvrs you
guys will still have access to the
deworking features directly on your nvr
so it's pretty useful
and that's basically the gist of it so
this is applicable for all of our nvrs
but your pro series out there you're
going to have a much better and fully
functioning time with this guy
one thing that we found while testing
this in the warehouse is that this fish
eye is best suited for a 10 to 20 foot
installation height this is to make sure
that your ai functionality works at 100
anything lower than 10 feet we found was
not very accurate or just wasn't able to
trip the trip wires
so again if you guys plan on using the
ai functionality we're going to
recommend a height of 10 to 20 feet for
installation for this camera
all right guys that's all the info i
have on our 12 megapixel fisheye camera
if you guys are interested in adding
this to your monaview arsenal give us a
call we are happy to answer any
questions you guys have that i didn't
cover in this video although i think i
got everything
um if you guys are interested i'm going
to put a link below in the description
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again uh if you guys have any questions
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