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Video Transcription
hey you guys welcome back to Montavue
today i'm going to be going over the
8108 4k camera lineup this includes the
turret and the bullet version of the
8108 camera that we sell here at
these are considered the flagship
cameras of monaview because they sort of
set the standard for what a security
camera should be capable of so all three
cameras are going to be 30 frames per
at 8 megapixel this is the equivalent to
4k resolution
they all have a field of view of 108
degrees each model features 98 feet of
ir night vision this will give you the
classic black and white view but it will
be able to pierce through complete
darkness using this technology
these cameras also have starlight this
is the ability for the camera to render
a night image in color the camera
sensors are going to detect if it's too
dark in order to enable starlight so if
that's the case it will automatically
flip on the ir infrared lights
they are all equipped with a i smd
this is artificial intelligence and
smart motion detect this is the ability
for the cameras to distinguish between
humans and vehicles versus everything
else that's moving the idea here being
to eliminate false notifications on
monteview go mobile it's important to
take note that if you have ai or smd
equipped with any of these cameras it
does reduce the frame rate from 30
frames per second to 20 frames per
second this difference is negligible
most people will not be able to tell the
difference and it won't affect your
actual image quality it's simply going
to affect the smoothness of the movement
of objects but again going from 30 to 20
is not as massive as it seems so most of
you guys won't even know the difference
but it's worth noting that there is a
slight decrease and this is just to
alleviate processing power for the
camera to enact those smart features
these cameras can handle any kind of
environment you could put them in with
operating temperatures running from
negative 40 degrees fahrenheit all the
way to 140 degrees fahrenheit and they
also feature an ip67 rating which means
they are weatherproof waterproof and
dust proof so these cameras can
literally handle the entire spectrum of
what mother nature can throw at us they
also all feature an sd card slot this
means that you can put a micro sd card
into the camera which then records
independently outside of the nvr this
works as a backup we do have a micro sd
card video out there so if you guys want
more information on that check that one
out all right so there are some
characteristics of each of these cameras
that might make them more specially
suited for your purposes
the dome camera the mtd8108
its specialty is that it has the dome
covering over the top this gives it an
ik rating of 10. this is the strongest
you can possibly get in the security
camera world
and this means that
it's going to take quite a lot of damage
before the camera becomes inoperable
it's important to keep in mind that no
camera is going to be invincible so if
someone's determined enough they will be
able to bring down the vandal dome
camera however this is going to give you
those additional
few minutes of recording where you might
actually get the vandals face and be
able to send those images to the
authorities so if you guys live in a
high crime area and you're worried about
somebody damaging your cameras on a
regular basis the dome camera would
probably be the best way to go
one important detail i have to point out
for the dome camera is that you will
have to remove the dome via these three
in order to access the lens to change
its position or to install the micro sd
card the next camera is going to be our
turret camera this is my personal
favorite this is because it's incognito
it's kind of small it's still very
and it's really easy to set up and and
just position the best way possible so
this because it kind of turns within
this little ball joint which makes it
super easy to position and move around
and then it also features a microphone
built in the front so you can actually
record audio with this one
ultimately it's a super easy camera to
set up and operate and the image quality
is great
my personal favorite
turret camera
keep in mind that this is not a ptz so
you do have to actually physically
manipulate this camera to position it
and then you'll have to just obviously
set it to where you need it
alright so finally we have the bullet
camera mtb 8108 what's nice about the
bullet cameras is they do rest on this
little metal arm here which enables you
to position them in a lot of good ways
obviously the turret camera can do 90
degrees in that stuff too what's nice
about the bullet is that the arm gives
it a little bit of space between the
point of where it's mounted
this means that you're going to get a
little bit better freedom of movement
and where you can look and as you can
it's very liberal with where you can
position this thing so this one also has
a microphone built in the front so it's
important to know that this does also
record audio
this is a little bit bigger than the
other two it does stand out so generally
people buy this one if they want to
present a visually intimidating security
system they want people to know that
there are cameras on the premises so
real quick i want to get into junction
boxes now junction boxes are small
little mounts
and keep in mind that each 8108 model
will have its own unique junction box
assigned to it but what they do
is they house the tail end of the cable
that comes from the camera
and the
cat5 cable that comes in with the male
end and so where these connect are the
most vulnerable part of the camera
because if moisture gets in there it can
damage the connectors and thus pretty
much eliminate the entire camera
so if you are not able to go directly
behind the wall where the camera mounts
typically a wall will provide all the
weather and moisture protection you
would need that is what professional
installers do
but if you cannot do this for whatever
then most professional installers will
use a junction box
so this houses all the cables it will
protect it from any moisture or weather
plus it gives you like about an inch to
two inch lift from your surface which
can be useful if you're trying to
position your cameras okay guys that's
all i've got for the 8108 4k camera
lineup if you guys have any questions on
these cameras or anything else in the
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