MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 | 8MP 4K 180° Panoramic Active Deterrence Bullet Camera with Full Color and SMD 4.0

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180° View with 4K Resolution 

The MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 camera features 180° views using 2x 4MP lenses. Using AI to splice the two views together for an 8MP image spanning 4096 x 1800. This gives you high definition resolution with a massive peripheral view, giving you the power to overwatch large locations with just a single camera unit.

Active Deterrence

Packed with all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a camera, the MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 has red/blue flashing lights, Smart Dual Illumination, and loudspeaker siren. Combine all three or use each function individually for a fully customized experience. If you want another audio other than the siren to activate, simply choose from a list of built-in speech patterns or upload your own custom audio file for the ultimate experience.

Enhanced Night Color Viewing

Each lens is capable of viewing dark night images in full color thanks to the lens' size. Large lens size means more light is able to pass through, this allows the camera to see more vividly in darkness. Expect full color night optics to impress with little to no light required giving you the details you need to identify subjects no matter the time of day.

EPTZ - Electronic Pan Tilt Zoom

Although the lenses are stationary, the MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 has the ability of EPTZ. This can track multiple human or vehicle targets on screen and give them their own little zoomed in screen for extra monitoring and visuals. EPTZ will follow the targets until they've left the area and can alert you via MontavueGO when subjects are spotted.

4X Warm Lights

The MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 has 4 warm lights that can be activated by user command via MontavueGO or be set to automatically come on during the night. These lights cover the area in a warm light that illuminates the primary viewing area of both lenses, this means better viewing detail and accuracy during events and the lights also act as a deterrence measure for unwanted guests.


Two-Way Audio

Using a built-in microphone and speaker, the The MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 camera can perfrom two-way audio. This easy to use feature is available through the MontavueGO app and can be used instantly over remote connection. The speaker is large and forward facing for clear and loud audio and can even be set as an active deterrent siren when motion is detected.

Artificial Intelligence

AI built into the MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 is capable of performing many duties such as tripwire, intrusion, heat map, people counting, and missing/abandoned object. These use sophisticated algorithms allowing the camera to determine if humans and vehicles are in certain areas, how many people are in an area, or if a specific object has gone missing or has been left on scene. It also has SSA which stands for Self-Scene Adaptation allowing the camera to automatically change video settings to allow for optimal image clarity for any time of day. For more information on AI analytics, click here.

SMD 4.0

Montavue's latest Smart Motion Detect 4.0 detects humans and vehicles to provide more accurate notifications than ever before. SMD 4.0 is the latest generation of smart motion detect ability from Montavue. With a 99% accuracy rate and further recognition distance than ever before, SMD 4.0 is sure to impress with its performance. Built directly into the MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 camera, this uses onboard AI to perform recognition abilities to eliminate false alerts to the user and enable abilities like the active deterrence features to only activate when necessary.

IP67 Weatherproof

The MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 features a sturdy metal body which is IP67 weatherproof. IP67 means the camera is waterproof and dustproof allowing it to be subjected to constant moisture, high pressure water jets, and dust contact without losing operational capacity. The rigid aluminum body, IP67 rating, and temperature threshold from -40° F to 140° F makes this camera compatible with nearly any environment.

Montavue MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 4K Full Color 180° Bullet Camera

What's Included

  • MTB180-TIOC-SMD4 Camera
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection

Specifications for MTB180-TIOC-SMD4-W (white)

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Customer Reviews

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Austin Dawson
Perfect addition to my system

being able to have a conversation through the camera is so incredibly helpful, and with the wide angle you can see so much!

Big Boy Camera

This is a beefy camera. Great views from the wide angle lens and the active deterrence featuers are great to have. Speaker is quite loud.