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The centerpiece of store security starts with your surveillance systems. Learn why over 1,000 Small Businesses throughout America have made the switch to Montavue.

Small Business Surveillance Security Systems

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Montavue 4K security cameras utilize the latest Starlight image sensors. This allows our 4K cameras to produce color images even in low light situations. What if it is pitch black? Once it becomes too dark to produce a color image the camera will automatically turn on the built in infrared LED's giving you black and white night vision.

Our Best Selling Small Business Security Camera Systems

4 & 8 Channel Small Business Surveillance Systems

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8 & 16 Channel Small Business Surveillance Systems

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32 Channel Small Business Surveillance Systems

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Gary Gordon

Prime Cuts - Los Angeles, CA

"Switching to Montavue was one of the best decisions we made for our chain of restaurants. We are constantly engaged in operations even when working remotely, our insurance rates have dropped, our employees have performed at a greater rate and we have cut theft by over 50%. All this sounds great, but the biggest bang for our buck has been in their support team. We had SO many questions when we got these installed across 20 locations, and the team at Montavue held our hand and walked through every single question we had. A+ team and customer service, will be a Montavue customer for life."

What Makes Montavue Different?

Customer Support

We are proud to have an all-U.S.-based sales and support team. All of our customer service and support is handled in-house which means we have extremely fast response times. You will not be waiting on hold for hours like some of our competition. Our sales staff also provide technical support ensuring that they are knowledgeable in all aspects of our products and services, not just sales. And best of all our tech support is free for life! Unlike some other companies that charge you for support after the first year. Our support is always free for the life of your system.

2 Year Warranty

At Montavue we stand behind our equipment with a standard 2-year warranty. We are confident in our products lasting the test of time and want you to have peace of mind in your Montavue surveillance system. That's why we also offer the option to purchase 3 or 5-year warranty extensions, ensuring your surveillance system will continue to keep you safe for years to come.

USA Based Small Business

Headquartered in Missoula, Montana; Montavue prides itself in being a USA based company. Each customer that calls in will get immediate support, with an average hold time is under 15 seconds, and our problem solving scores are above 90% for our customers. When you choose to buy Montavue, you are supporting a United States Small Business that employs only American citizens.

Ask us about our Veteran & Law Enforcement discounts. 

Things To Consider When Installing A Surveillance System In Your
Small Business

Many small business owners are wary of the costs and complexities associated with traditional security cameras. But did you know that there are now affordable and easy-to-deploy solutions that can provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind? Whether you’re looking to monitor your property, deter crime or check in on your store’s stock levels, here’s what you need to know about security cameras for small businesses.

One major benefit of installing a surveillance system at your small business is the ability stay aware of activity onsite–whether it be a suspicious person, theft, vandalism or other unwanted activities. Security cameras can capture evidence and help law enforcement identify suspects in criminal activities that may occur on the premises. With security systems such as 8105 4k Security Cameras, you can even record up to 30 days of footage so that if something does happen, you can review footage from any time frame quickly and easily.

Another benefit of using cameras is the added sense of security they provide employees. When staff members have these devices installed in their store or office building they feel more secure knowing that someone is keeping an eye out for them whether they are present or not. Studies have also shown that having visible security cameras act as a deterrent to criminals – giving them pause before attempting to commit a crime at your business location.

Security camera systems offer cost savings for small business owners as well. With wired IP camera systems such as 8108AD Series 8MP Security Cameras wireless system, installation is made fast and simple with no wires required between the components – perfect for DIY installations! And these systems require only one router to be connected during installation so setup time is minimal with no complex network configuration needed.

Lastly, modern day camera systems offer improved accuracy over their predecessors thanks to motion detection technology which allows them to take action when necessary without needing human input all the time. This feature ensures that images are only recorded when motion or sound is detected - saving valuable storage space while preventing clutter from nonessential content being stored away needlessly.

Whether you’re looking to increase safety standards or simply want peace of mind when away from work - there has never been a better time than now to invest in a surveillance system for your small business needs!