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The centerpiece of laundromat security starts with your surveillance systems. Learn why over 1,000 Laundromats throughout America have made the switch to Montavue.

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Montavue 4K security cameras utilize the latest Starlight image sensors. This allows our 4K cameras to produce color images even in low light situations. What if it is pitch black? Once it becomes too dark to produce a color image the camera will automatically turn on the built in infrared LED's giving you black and white night vision.

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4 & 8 Channel Laundromat Surveillance Systems

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32 Channel Laundromat Surveillance Systems

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Gary Gordon

Prime Cuts - Los Angeles, CA

"Switching to Montavue was one of the best decisions we made for our chain of restaurants. We are constantly engaged in operations even when working remotely, our insurance rates have dropped, our employees have performed at a greater rate and we have cut theft by over 50%. All this sounds great, but the biggest bang for our buck has been in their support team. We had SO many questions when we got these installed across 20 locations, and the team at Montavue held our hand and walked through every single question we had. A+ team and customer service, will be a Montavue customer for life."

What Makes Montavue Different?

Customer Support

We are proud to have an all-U.S.-based sales and support team. All of our customer service and support is handled in-house which means we have extremely fast response times. You will not be waiting on hold for hours like some of our competition. Our sales staff also provide technical support ensuring that they are knowledgeable in all aspects of our products and services, not just sales. And best of all our tech support is free for life! Unlike some other companies that charge you for support after the first year. Our support is always free for the life of your system.

2 Year Warranty

At Montavue we stand behind our equipment with a standard 2-year warranty. We are confident in our products lasting the test of time and want you to have peace of mind in your Montavue surveillance system. That's why we also offer the option to purchase 3 or 5-year warranty extensions, ensuring your surveillance system will continue to keep you safe for years to come.

USA Based Small Business

Headquartered in Missoula, Montana; Montavue prides itself in being a USA based company. Each customer that calls in will get immediate support, with an average hold time is under 15 seconds, and our problem solving scores are above 90% for our customers. When you choose to buy Montavue, you are supporting a United States Small Business that employs only American citizens.

Ask us about our Veteran & Law Enforcement discounts. 

Things To Consider When Installing A Surveillance System In Your Laundromat

Fortunately, installing a security camera system in your car dealership can help deter criminals by providing them with footage of their actions. Statistics show that 75% of all theft at restaurants is committed by employees and accounts for nearly $6 million losses per year! Restaurants and bars see a higher rate of theft because of their heavy customer flow and longer/later hours of operations.

When considering the benefits of a security camera system for your business, it’s important to consider not just how much theft can be prevented but also what other types of harmful activity may take place. For example: employee inappropriate behavior such as leaving early or mishandling food; lawsuits stemming from slips and falls could potentially lead up an incident where violence occurs between employees who were working together at a time when they shouldn't have been. This would require video footage captured by cameras present inside the building! Finally, there are potential insurance claims worth looking into if you own property that has suffered damages.

Modern-day surveillance systems allow you to monitor your car dealership from anywhere in the world. This is great for managers who want their staff watched at all times, as well as those business owners that need an eye on what's happening with customers outside of their work hours. When employees know they're being monitored it inspires better overall performance because there will always be someone watching over them even if only remotely. The benefits don't stop here either; having this type of surveillance monitoring system means much less time spent worrying about security issues like theft or assault.

The advantage of having a camera in the restaurant is that it can keep tabs on who comes and goes as well as when they enter/exit. You will also be able to monitor deliveries, which could help you avoid missing any important business transactions or events going down at your place!

What Areas of My Auto Dealership Should I Place Security Cameras and Why?

When considering the different locations within your restaurant or bar that you would like to view, consider areas that have high traffic, places of transactions, food preparation, alcohol storage, blind spots where employees and patrons can lurk, entrance and exits etc... Then think about which type of viewing angles and what number of cameras will work best.

Below we've listed several key areas with information on how many security cameras is enough based on these considerations:
- What do I want my patrons/customers (and employees) to see when they walk into my establishment?

- How much space does he/she have between them and an object behind elsewhere when there's no natural light coming through?


Entrance Ways

Entryways and exits are very important to monitor as they are the highest traffic areas of any auto dealership. With patrons and employees constantly going in and out there will consistently be a need to have surveillance footage when an incident occurs. With modern technology, a high definition surveillance camera this is no longer out of scope and/or unaffordable to place here. A low profile, high megapixel, dome security camera would be ideal to capture those entering and exiting the dealership.

Main Dining Area / Bar

Low profile domes security cameras are almost always used in the dining area because they can be easily hidden and don’t stand out too much from behind bars or other décor. They provide an excellent way to capture activity that occurs within this key space, making sure there is no loss of revenue due improper surveillance equipment placement.

The fisheye surveillance camera provides a 180° or 360-degree lens which can be used to cover more area. This high-quality equipment often comes at an expense, but they do support dewarping recordings and give you angles overview. The following is some helpful background information about NVRs (Network Video Recorders) before we get into what makes them so great!


Placing a security camera in your restaurant’s kitchen will allow you to monitor all operations and ensure that employees are following health codes. This includes viewing inventory, ordering product when necessary as well increasing profits from minimizing theft or related food costs!

Choose a camera with at least an IP66 weather rating to protect it. A vandal resistant dome would also prevent your device from being moved or tampered with in many restaurants there is often an exit located within the kitchen; make sure this too has been covered by suitable protection such as covers designed specifically for indoor/outdoor use!

Cash Register

The importance of installing security cameras is not just for capturing criminals in action, but also to identify any suspicious activity. With cash registers being such a critical location it's important that these areas have Varifocal lenses so you can zoom out enough on your view and see how much money each bill was worth!

When choosing a security camera for your business, think about where it will be placed and what is most important. A motorized varifocal model captures both the individual dollar amounts made as well as who's making them - great if you want to keep an eye on things from different angles!

Parking Lot

By installing a surveillance system at your restaurant, you can be sure that the outside area will not only provide footage for those who come to eat but also capture any activity taking place in or around it. With this camera's IP66 rating against harsh weather conditions such as rainstorms and snowfall season (which may include blizzards), there is no limit on how long these cameras could last!

If you want the best security camera for your restaurant, consider getting a bullet or dome-style device. These are easy to aim and install against walls without having any additional mounting needed; they also provide great coverage when mounted high on buildings (8+ feet). But if someone is going near an area where people can easily get their hands on them - like in lower areas near windows with no protective barriers between them—then we recommend something vandal-resistant instead of just flat screen because vandals don't care how expensive stuff seems!