Ingress Protection (IP Rating)

Ingress Protection or commonly called an IP rating is the amount of moisture and dust resistance the camera body is capable of. Nearly every model of camera from Montavue will be IP67 which is essentially waterproof and dustproof. With IP67 the camera can be subjected to consistent water contact and can nearly be submerged and will still operate normally. This protects sensitive electrical instruments that are necessary for the camera to function.

Impact Protection (IK Rating)

Impact Protection or IK rating is the amount of kinetic energy resistance the camera will have against physical damage. Higher IK ratings are typically found in dome cameras, these are constructed with impact resistant covers and bodies which provide the best protection possible against potential damage. IK10 is going to be the highest achievable rating within the security camera industry and every Montavue dome comera is rated at IK10.  

Cable Protection

Although the cameras are environmentally resistant, the cables are not. If you are performing a DIY installation, be sure to weatherproof your cables and connections to ensure a long lifespan for your camera. To learn more about protecting your cables click here.