Teacher working with young children

Why Child Care Centers Need Security Cameras

There is nothing in this world that parents care more about than their children. Making sure that they are safe and happy is their biggest concern. This is easier to accomplish when they are at home with them, but what about when they are left to the care of others? There have been far too many reports of break-ins, accidents, abductions, etc at child care centers over the last decade to make any parent completely comfortable leaving their children at one. Luckily, advances in security camera technology has helped to alleviate some of that worry. We are going to take a look at some of the benefits to using an IP security camera system in daycares and other child care centers.


Help Keep Children Safe

The most important function of security cameras at child care facilities is to help keep the children safe. Just the fact that security cameras are present is enough to deter the majority of potential criminals from doing anything. On the off chance that they decide to commit a crime, they will be on camera and much easier for the authorities to bring to justice.

Criminals are not the only threat to children though. If a child wanders off, a video recording of it will be extremely useful in helping find him or her. Beyond that, if a child is being bullied by other children or mistreated by an employee or other adult, it will all be recorded and the proper actions can be taken.

Remote Viewing for Peace of Mind

One of the most important advancements in security camera technology has been remote viewing capabilities. This gives parents and employees the ability to watch the live feeds from the daycare on their phone or other device remotely. The ability to check in on their children from anywhere at anytime will give parents a peace of mind that they didn’t have before.  


Keep Employees Safe

Security cameras at the child care center are also beneficial to the employees. If they have been accused of something there will be video evidence to get to the bottom of it. If the center is located in a rough neighborhood, having cameras present can help employees feel safe walking to and from their vehicles as well as while they are at work. Knowing that they are being recorded, most employees will try harder to do their job without incident as well.


Having security cameras with remote viewing capabilities is becoming an industry standard in child care. IP security camera systems are relatively easy to install and greatly beneficial to everyone involved in child care. At Montavue, our world class customer service can help you get the right system for your center. Beyond that, our US based tech support can help you with any questions or concerns you may have as you learn to use your new system. If you have any questions or need any advice don’t hesitate to call or message us.