Two construction workers tethered into a sky scraper construction site


$1 Billion in construction equipment is stolen each year. Don’t become the next victim. Get a security system for your job site!

According to the U.S. National Insurance Crime Bureau, more than $1 billion in construction equipment is stolen each year. Thieves also target job sites where copper components such as electrical wire or piping are abundant and easy to steal. It’s important to realize that the reason this type of crime is so common is that thieves see job sites as easy targets. For one thing, they are usually open areas with no security to speak of. And more significantly, they contain valuable items such as tools, copper, and equipment that are easy to sell and hard to trace.Given these multiple temptations, its no wonder so many job sites are victims of theft. Fortunately, there is an easy cost-effective way to prevent these criminals from walking away with thousands of dollars from your job site. Purchasing a surveillance system from Montavue significantly reduces your chances of falling victim to theft.

Montavue surveillance systems are easy to setup, control, and remotely view using free apps!


The benefits of having your job-site secured with an IP security/surveillance system are vast. For one thing, having 8MP or 4MP security cameras will ensure that anyone entering your job-site can be clearly identified and will deter thieves. With the 4K recorder, you can then store that footage for days in case you don’t realize something is missing until later. In addition to theft protection, a surveillance system also allows you to monitor other conditions on your job site. Below are some of the various benefits of a network camera installation.


A lot of heavy equipment can be started with a key from a similar machine. This makes it very easy for a thief to simply jump into a machine and drive off with it. Furthermore, there is no mandate requiring a title or registration for this equipment making it easy to quickly sell stolen machinery. Installing a 4k surveillance system complete with 4K security cameras has been proven to deter theft from job-sites. In the event that this does not stop a thief from carrying out his plan, the high resolution of a 4k 8mp bullet or dome camera will allow you to clearly identify a suspect’s face, vehicle and even their license plates. And finally, with IVS- Intelligent Video Surveillance abilities such as trip wire, you will be automatically notified when anyone trespasses onto your job-site


Employees and sub-contractors may practice safe work habits when the boss is around but what about then they are away? Employee injuries due to unsafe work practices can cost contractors thousands in delayed projects and higher insurance rates. Furthermore, unannounced OSHA visits can result in hefty fines if unsafe conditions are overlooked. Security camera systems can allow you to monitor your job site for safe practices and quality control. Additionally, the presence of an IP turret camera equipped with a built-in audio mic can help resolve disputes and labor conflicts. Not only can having a surveillance system ensure safe practices it can also allow you keep track of inspectors and sub-contractors. Lastly, with remote viewing you can check the weather conditions at your site before you leave your house, and you can also check in on your employees.


Ever wish you could show potential clients what an entire project looks like start to finish? You’ve probably seen construction ads on tv with time-lapse footage of a building being constructed. While it may seem like they spent thousands on a film crew to get this footage you might be surprised to find out that is usually not the case. Because network video recorders capture video 24/7 making a time-lapse video is easy. If you have a 4K security system monitoring your job-site you will be simultaneously creating a time-lapse video of your project. Combine this with a 4MP camera with PTZ functionality and you get a High Definition panoramic time-lapse perfect for a commercial advertisement or project promotion


Now that you see the huge cost saving potential of installing a professional security system what kind of security cameras should you purchase? Although there are many surveillance systems to choose from not all are suited to the needs of a construction site. Obviously, you will want to choose a security system that fits your needs.


While wireless cameras may seem ideal because of their low cost and portability there are few things you should consider first. First of all wireless cameras generally operate on batteries or a separate power supplies, rendering them wired. This means that they will eventually run out of power and could stop recording at the exact time a thief targets your job site. PoE cameras have continuous power supplied by one single cat5e ethernet cable connected to your NVR, and can be installed by anyone, as it is low voltage, an electrician is not needed. Therefore you will never have to worry about your security cameras batteries dying. Another downfall of wireless security cameras is their ability to handle extreme weather conditions. Most only operate down to 14°F/-10°C. If you live in a cold climate this can present a real problem. A large percentage of Montavue PoE security cameras have an IP67 rating. So not only can they withstand the elements, they can also withstand high and low temps. These cameras can operate from -22° F ~ 140° F (-30° C ~ 60° C). As you can see a wireless camera may not be the best security solution for your job-site. Below are some of the different PoE cameras and their various features.

MTZ4120-IR 12x 4MP PTZ Camera


PTZ cameras have the unique ability to cover large areas. This is due to the ability to move in any direction. These type of security cameras are ideal for construction sites because a large area can be covered with a single camera. PTZ

a white bullet style security camera facing left


Bullet cameras are generally a static camera meaning their viewing angle cannot be remotely changed. However, varifocal bullet cameras have a motorized lens meaning they have zoomable optics. Bullet cameras are great for monitoring specific areas where continuous coverage is required.

Montavue MTE4104 Eyeball Dome Camera 4MP resolution


Dome cameras, sometimes referred to as eyeball cameras are named for their obvious dome shape. These are generally used in security systems for stores as well as in home security systems. Although they can be deployed outdoors if needed. These type of security cameras can be useful to monitor entrances


As shown above, the benefits to purchasing a 4k PoE surveillance system to monitor your job-sites are numerous. Due to the large amount of equipment theft from construction sites and considering the cost of this equipment it makes good financial sense to invest in a professional 4k security system and 8MP or 4MP security cameras. And being able to use the footage from your security system for promotions is just icing on the cake. Montavue has an array of 4k NVR’s and 8MP or 4MP security cameras that are sure to meet the needs of your construction company.