Montavue NVR Series: 4 Channel 4K PoE NVR - Montavue
Video Transcription
hey guys welcome back to monaview today
we're going to be starting our nvr
series where we give a breakdown and
total information about all of our nvr
so part one is going to be focusing on
our four channel nvr otherwise known as
the mnr 8040-4
now nvr stands for network video
recorder and these are the primary
pieces of hardware within any montague
system because they serve a lot of
critical functions
so a quick little spec breakdown of this
nvr it is four channel which means it is
capable of hosting four cameras or
channels whether they are plugged
directly into the poe ports on the back
or coming in through a network via a poe
the processing power on board is going
to be 80 megabits per second so because
it's 80 megabits per second the
processing power is somewhat limited on
this nvr it is specifically designed to
more host the 2k
montaview cameras at 30 frames per
second or our 4k cameras at 15 frames
per second for this nvr you're gonna get
a total output of 36 watts
which means distributed amongst its four
it's kind of a balance of
strong cameras versus weak cameras and
how many you can have of each so
typically if you're going to plug in
something large like our mtz 4250 that
can take anywhere up to 25 watts just
for a single camera
which means that you'd be limited to the
other three ports
and you know it might cause some power
issues for your other cameras so this is
where you might need to have either a
poe injector in place or a poe switch to
manage some of those larger cameras
so keep in mind the mtz 4250 is at one
of our biggest cameras but it is 2k so
technically you should be able to
support four of these on this guy
can you plug them all directly in
definitely not but again if you guys
have injectors or use poe switches you
can sort of alleviate that power
struggle and have those supplement that
power for you
so as far as hard drive capacity it is
capable of hosting a single surveillance
grade hard drive up to 10 terabytes in
so you could either go with a one
terabyte that would come with any of the
pre-made packages that are on our
website or if you guys give us a call we
can do a custom order and put up to a 10
terabyte hard drive in this guy which
would give you likely weeks to months of
recording if you're supporting four
channels so a quick unboxing of this nvr
we're gonna see that we have some
components here including the nvr we're
gonna have an hdmi cable and as well the
accessory box that you guys are gonna
see after we open the accessory box
let's go through all the components
all right now we're gonna take a quick
peek at the back of the 4 channel nvr
starting off on the far left we have our
dc power input now this is going to run
to an external power supply and that
simply just plugs into a wall our four
poe ports again these are capable of
delivering up to 25.5 watts per port but
keep in mind you've only got a 36 watt
total output for this nvr next we have
our network port when these are properly
plugged in you're going to have a green
light indicating power and a yellow
light indicating information transfer
that will blink
next is the vga output maxing out at
1080p of an output resolution here we've
got our mic in and mic out this is for
plugging in certain components if you
want to use the two-way audio those
capabilities are primarily directed for
the mobile application because your
phone already has these components built
but these plugins give you an
opportunity to plug in speakers and a
microphone directly to the nvr
next we have our hdmi output this is
capable of plugging into any tv or
monitor that also has an hdmi input and
the total output resolution is 4k
now keep in mind in order to get true 4k
images your monitor or television also
needs to be 4k capable and finally we've
got our two usb ports one of these will
be used to plug in a mouse for control
of the nvr and the other usb port can be
used to plug in flash drives for
exporting footage directly from the nvr
next we have the power supply the little
end goes into the nvr the middles
connect here and of course your power
and goes into a standard wall outlet
a cat5e cable this one's about six feet
long you can use this for whatever
purpose you can find a wired usb mouse
for controlling the nvr interface a blue
sata cable this is used to connect your
hard drive to your nvr on the inside an
hdmi cable this is used to display high
res images to a tv or a monitor your
hard drive power cable this is used to
plug in the hard drive to a power source
inside the nvr finally we're going to
see these little screws in this pink bag
this is going to be used to attach your
hard drive to your nvr
now the blue sata cable the power cable
and the screws
may not be found inside here because if
you guys purchase a hard drive with your
nvr then we've actually pre-installed it
prior to shipping it out so again that
is the blue sata cable the multi-colored
power cable
and these little screws may be missing
from your unit if you have purchased a
hard drive because we have already
pre-installed it for you all right if we
look at the top of the four-channel nvr
we are going to see three indicator
lights now typically for normal
operation only one of these should be
lit all the time and that is the power
light in the very center that light
means that the nvr is powered on and
operational the indicator to the left
that is the hard drive status indicator
and that will only flash red if there's
an abnormal function of the hard drive
detected so that means there is a hard
drive installed but there's something
wrong with the hard drive and so that
light will indicate that there's a
problem there the light on the right is
going to be your network indicator light
if this light is on that means there's
some sort of abnormality detected within
the network whether that be a missed
connection to the router or there may
not be anything plugged in at all to the
network port alright guys that is all
i've got for the 4 channel nvr this is
the mnr 8040-4
this is available on our website and in
packages or purchased separately
and if you guys have any questions on
this or any of our other nvrs keep in
mind you can give us a call here at the
tech support line or customer service
we're here monday through friday to
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