PTZ security camera installed on the cieling

Features and Benefits of PTZ Security Cameras

If you are considering getting an IP security system or adding cameras to the one you already have, chances are that you have looked into getting a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera. These cameras are the most versatile security cameras available as they can do much more than their fixed lens and varifocal zoom camera counterparts. In this article we are going to cover some of the main benefits of using PTZ cameras to help you decide if getting one is the right choice for your system.

Total Area Covered

The most obvious benefit of PTZ cameras is the amount of area they can cover. Where a stationary camera can only see the area it is aimed at when mounted, a PTZ can pan and tilt to see 360° around (if there are no obstructions). This means that in many cases you can install a single PTZ instead of several fixed lens cameras. You can save money by purchasing fewer cameras and will save time and money on the installation as well.

Mounting Options

A PTZ will also give you more choices for mounting locations. With fixed lens cameras you usually only have one or two possible mounting locations to cover the area you want to keep an eye on. With a PTZ security camera you can remotely adjust what the camera is seeing from several angles, allowing more mounting locations to cover the same area. In addition, you can use the optical zoom which allows you to mount the camera further away than with a fixed lens.

Motorized Optical Zoom

The motorized optical zoom can also be used to help identify smaller details that a fixed lens camera may not catch. These can include facial features, license plates, tattoos, etc. With an optical zoom you will not lose any picture quality by zooming in like you would with a digital zoom (making the pixels larger until image is blurry). An optical zoom is also extremely beneficial when monitoring large yards, parking lots, warehouses, etc because a single camera can cover so much area in great detail.

PTZ "Tour" Feature

A great feature that many PTZ cameras will offer is what is called a “tour”. With a tour you program several preset viewing points on the camera and then have it move between them. The camera will start at preset one and stay there for a programmed amount of time (min. 15 seconds), then move to the next preset and so on and then repeat. This allows one camera to consistently monitor a very large area that would normally take several cameras.

User Control

A PTZ camera gives the user much more control when it comes to home and business security. They allow users to choose exactly where they want to look, precisely when they want to look. This is especially helpful in guard stations, security rooms, etc. If there is a suspicious individual on the property the user can do a much better job of following them and zooming in to get the specific details of who they are and what they are doing. Those types of recordings are extremely helpful for the authorities when trying to identify a suspect.

Night Vision Distance

The larger PTZ cameras (not mini domes, etc) also usually have much better night vision along with a very powerful zoom (smaller PTZs usually have a 3-4x zoom). Our Montavue MTZ4250 boasts a 25x optical zoom and 333ft infrared night vision! A camera that can make out clear details from extremely long distance, even at night, is a great addition to any security system.