Resolution Explained

When you see things like 4K, 2K, 1080p. These numbers are referring to the amount of pixel lines within the image being displayed. Pixels are little dots of color that collectively make up an image. So, the more pixels you have in a tighter space, the clearer the image will be. Our 4K systems are able to record in 4K while also being displayed live in high definition on a monitor. This gives you the best quality image possible in today's market.

2K vs 4K

Most high-end systems like Montavue run their cameras in either 2K or 4K resolutions. 4K is typically advised in most outdoor situations or scenarios where you need to identify subjects from further distances in varying lighting conditions, this is because 4K allows you to pick out identifying features with more clarity because there's more pixels to work with. 2K is generally recommended for indoor environments or shorter distances where the subject will be closer than 50 ft.

High Definition Display

Montavue systems record and display in ultra high definition 4K. NVR systems are able to connect to multiple monitors for a fully customizable viewing experience.

Mobile High Definition

When viewing from your mobile smartphone, you'll have the option of high definition display. This provides a clear view from your cameras no matter where you are and allows for high definition image capture on the go using Montavue GO's video capture system.